Thursday, May 24, 2018

My New Stove Top

Two years ago on Thanksgiving day the family was at my house cooking our festive Thanksgiving meal. We were almost ready except for the mashed potatoes. My niece, Betsy, put the potatoes on to boil while we finished up a game of Parcheesi. (Board games are just part of our tradition on holidays.

We had just gotten into our game when we heard a loud crack and looked at the stove to see the bright flash of an electric arc leap up from the burner under the potatoes to the ventilation hood over the stove. Water poured from the pot where the arc had made a hole in my heavy duty steel pot. We all scrambled to the stove grabbing tea towels and the mop while my nephew, Matthew, took the pot off the stove and carried it to the sink. In an insane moment I thought I could save those potatoes, but as Betsy pointed out, a film of metallic gray floated on the top of the water. I knew that old 1957 cook top wouldn’t last forever, but gee whiz, did it have to go out with all that drama on Thanksgiving Day?

For the next two years I kept thinking I would get a new stove top and repair the electrical connection. Every time I thought I could get it done, something more urgent would come up and the money for the stove had to be used. I cooked everything on one burner for so long I was really getting used to it.  At least I still had my 1957 wall oven and casseroles can come in mighty handy.

Finally, this year when I got my income tax return I had the money to get my stove top and have an electrician repair the electric outlet to it. I want to say here that the hickory tree in the back yard decided to die all of a sudden, but I was determined the stove was going to come first this time. I marked down to Lowe’s and bought my new stove top. They had to special order it because it is white instead of the stainless steel everyone is buying now so it took three weeks for it to arrive. I called the electrician my faithful plumber recommended and, voila!, my new stove top in up and running. I no longer have to cook just one thing at a time. I hardly know how to act.

The 1957 pink wall oven original to the house, is still working and I hope it keeps on working for a while longer because I still have that hickory tree to remove.

Maybe I should have them cut and stack the wood so I can burn it in case the oven goes out. Anyway, I’m glad things are almost normal at the house again. It’s nice to own a home, but there is always something that has to be fixed or replaced. Someday I may even get to do some kind of beautification project or renovation…maybe.

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