Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's Only Make Believe #BlogABookScene May Theme: Mayday! Mayday!

The authors from Prairie Rose Publications are sharing themed excerpts from our books each month. May's theme is Mayday! Mayday
The following is a harrowing Mayday excerpt from my book, IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE.

 Kit had a hell of a time keeping the old Jeep on the road. Knowing how bad a driver June was only made him speed up more to get to her before something awful happened. The old dirt road had become a slick mud slide. He couldn’t allow himself to imagine how June even made it this far without sliding off the road. With his attention on navigating the road, Kit glanced along the ditches that ran on both sides. The ditches were supposed to provide proper drainage in weather like this, but clearly, they did not. He strained his eyes as he searched for signs of June’s car. God, please keep my June safe until I can get to her.

After what seemed an eternity, Kit approached the bridge. His heart throbbed in his chest with gratitude when he saw in the glow of his headlights several trucks and the taillights of two horse trailers along with his brothers and cousin gathered at the entrance to the bridge. Hank and Sam along with their cousin, Kyle, were already there and unloading the horses.

The car slid to a stop as his male relatives rushed to meet him. Those yahoos sure looked good to him right now. His older brother, Sam, reached his car just as Kit got the door open and stepped out into the wail of the maddening wind and the sharp prick of the rain on his skin. “We found her, Kit.” Sam’s voice rose up over the deluge of rain and wind. “It’s gonna be damn tricky.”

Panic sent sparks of adrenaline through his body and made Kit’s hands shake. “You found her? Where the hell is she, then?” A vision of a lifeless body tried to pry its way into his mind, but he pushed it back, willing June to be alive.

 “Come with me, Kit.” Kit’s heart raced in his chest as he hurried to follow Sam onto the old wooden bridge that connected the land on both sides of the Wind River. With the truck lights shining on the scene, Kit saw the bridge had chunks of the boards missing on its deck. Halfway across, he saw the side rails broken with a wide gap. And right in the middle of the gap he saw June’s car, hanging precariously off the side of the bridge. Mother of God! 

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Sarah J. McNeal
Diverse stories filled with heart

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