Thursday, May 24, 2007


I received a 4 heart review for LAKE OF SORROWS from The Romance Studio! I'm so happy I had to broadcast the news to everyone I know. So, without further delay, here it is:

Lake of SorrowsSarah J. McNealFantasy romanceAvailable from New Concepts PublishingISBN: 1-58608-958-7September 2006
Hawk is a cop with a rather unique ability: he can shapeshift into his namesake bird. Like all the McKnight brothers, he has been able to access an alternate world where humans fly since childhood. Emma, his childhood friend and sweetheart, understood and accepted his secret life until college. Then she deliberately provoked an argument to separate them. She has become a doctor and treats patients from both worlds.
Hawk has finally rediscovered his brother Peregrine, thought lost forever when the demon threw him into the Lake of Sorrows. He has amnesia, though, and any mention of his other life causes tremendous pain.
Emma lost her family to a sailboat accident and survived herself only by a miracle. Since then, she has worked herself nearly to death in her medical practice, determined to keep it humane despite her greedy partner. She tries not to dwell on her intense love for Hawk, the standard by whom all other males must be judged. Before the loss of her family, life had been full and joyous. Now she feels sheƂ’s trudging through day after day after day without joy or excitement. All that is about to change though, as Hawk requests her help with Perigrine. She must accompany Hawk to the other world, without medical instruments or any tools except her own innate intuition and medical knowledge.
Lake of Sorrows is an intriguing and well-written fantasy romance which cleverly builds an alternate world, one to which many readers might well desire to escape! It is set in the same world as The Dark Isle, and this reviewer definitely intends to catch up on the prior novel. Readers will also hope to find heroes in their own lives as sexy and emotionally appealing as the gorgeous McKnight brothers, who exemplify the true meaning of heroism.
Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: AnnieMay 23, 2007
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Please feel free to pop onto the excerpts for both books and check them out. Meanwhile, I've submitted THE VIOLIN, a time travel romance to New Concepts publishing. I am presently writting the third in the Valmora series. The wicked witch is back and a love triangle has evolved between two of the McKnight brothers, Peregrine and Falcon, over the beautifil gypsy girl, Izabelle. The name of this adventure is THE LIGHT OF VALMORA.
Thank you for dropping by and checking out my website and I hope you'll come back for another visit very soon.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gina's Crazy Tag Game

Eight Random Things:
The Rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2.People who are tagged need to write their own blog about the eight random things and post these rules
3.At the end of your blog, you need to choose four people and list their names.
4.Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them thay are tagged and to read your blog.

1. I am a fan of Stephen Hawkings and have every book about the universe he's ever written (even though I don't always understand everything he says. LOL)
2.I love jelly beans and gum dops but not so crazy about chocolate. (I'm genetically impaired.)
3.I read every night before I go to sleep--mostly romance but sometimes (when I'm desperate) the newspaper or a magazine.
4.I do not like the color gray. It's a scary color.
5.I have a golden retriever named Kate and 2 cats, Liberty and Acorn---all rescue pets.
6. I cannot miss an episode of LOST or DANCING WITH THE STARS without going through withdrawal.
7.I collected so many PEZ containers that I ran out of room. Would anybody like one?
8.My favorite movie star is Johnny Depp.

I'm tagging Jodie, Amber, Zaynah and Sri

And Gina, I'm not forgiving you for getting me in this .