Wednesday, September 08, 2021

I LOVE AMERICA by Sarah J. McNeal #TheWildingsSeries


I love America. I’m not talking about the government, politics, laws, or Wall Street; I’m talking about the uniqueness of this country in which people from all over the world come together and share their cultures, ideals, and beliefs with others to become “Americans”. I love that we live on a land with such great expanse and diversity, both geographically and culturally. We are cradled between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and rest above the Gulf of Mexico. We have friendly neighbors to the north and the south and we share a common love of freedom.

We may squabble amongst ourselves as most families do, but no matter what happens, no matter how dark or bright our days or history, we will find our way and we will do it together.


Sarah J. McNeal

Author of Heartwarming Stories




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