Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scary Research

When I began writing the paranormal series, Legends of Winatuke, I knew that I would have a witch so wicked and vile that even the demons and creatures over which she ruled would be terrified to gain her displeasure. Well first, I had to know something about magic...and I don't mean the kindly white witch kind. I had to delve deep into the black arts. So I shopped around for a book that might give me the information about spells and ceremonies enough to write about the witch, Mahara, without getting involved with something dark and evil for myself. I came upon a book about witches from Writer's Digest that seemed to fit the bill and began browsing the pages for some helpful information.
Just when ya think a thing may be benign and simple, look out. I read what real witch covens do, like stealing babies, sacrificing them and I cannot bring myself to tell you what they do to them. It gave me nightmares and brought down a cloud of darkness on my day. Even the terrible Mahara could not do these things. So I snapped that book shut and that was the end of my research into the dark arts. I burned sage and walked through my house saying blessings just in case I had brought something evil into my home just by reading or by thought.
After that, I kept my research into the healing arts, herbs, accupuncture and only white witch spells.
Mahara makes her first appearance in DARK ISLE, a story about the world of Winatuke where evil exists and special beings with unique wings battle with humans against the malignant creatures of the Dark Isle.

           The legend begins when love and evil collide.


The Legends of Winatuke series begins with Dark Isle when the Nimway prince, Gabriel, shows up at Mahara's castle door. Naturally, she throws him into the dungeon and plans to torment his parents by sending them bits of their son just for fun. Jade is attracted to Gabriel and wants to save him, but Mahara's power is much greater than hers. Jade risks her life to go to Valmora where her enemies live and plead with Gabriel's borther, Raphael and his parents to trust her enough to save Gabriel's life.
Prince Raphael uses the magical Rock of Ages to travel to the modern world in another dimension to get help from their human friends and face his own dilemma in the form of Rose McKnight, the only woman he ever loved, but who wants nothing to do with him or the world of Winatuke.
Dark Isle has just released in digital format and will soon be available in print as well. Here are the BUY LINKS:




Have you ever gone to a weird place in researching for a work in progress? Maybe you've read a book that scared you or made your hands burn just touching the pages. I hope you'll share your experiences with me.

I'm going to give away a digital copy of DARK ISLE to someone who comments on this blog. Remember to add your email address in your comment for a chance to win. I'll announce the winner next Sunday on June 30.