Tuesday, November 03, 2020

November is Native American Heritage Month by Sarah J. McNeal


Native American Heritage Month


I did not know until this morning that November is Native America Heritage month. I feel deeply about the treatment of our Indigenous People which has mostly been ignored. They experienced the worst genocide in the history of the world. They deserve better. Please support and respect them.

November is dedicated to celebrating rich and diverse cultures and traditions as well as acknowledging the important contributions of Native people.


At Running Strong for American Indian Youth® we support cultural programs that are preserving traditions throughout Indian Country, and we look forward to sharing more about these with you in the coming days. 


We'll also be sharing fun facts like the ones below with you to enhance your understanding of Native history and why it matters today! 

National Native American Heritage Month provides the opportunity for us to educate the general public about tribal life, life as a Native American today, and to raise a general awareness about the unique challenges Native people and Native communities have faced both historically and in the present.


We hope you will support us in our mission to uplift Native tribal citizens, children, and families as we work together to address and conquer these challenges by giving what you can today.


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