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Just Released: QUEST FOR THE LIGHT OF VALMORA, Legends of Winatuke, book 3

Quest For The Light Of Valmora

Legends of Winatuke, Book 3

By Sarah J. McNeal

Fire Star Press

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A quest for a magical light...A Gypsy’s love…And a warrior’s sacrifice


The evil witch-queen, Mahara, has returned to the Dark Isle after her exile, even more determined for revenge on those who have tried to thwart her evil plans—and that vengeance begins with capturing Raven McKnight!

Raven’s son, Falcon, has distanced himself from the family after the near-death of his younger brother, Peregrine, which he believes was his fault. But now, he must push his feelings aside and return to save his father and the entire realm of Winatuke. Falcon, filled with self-doubt, knows he’s not an exceptional warrior. On top of that, he’s falling for Izabelle, the beautiful Gypsy woman who is Peregrine’s love—and that, he cannot allow.

Izabelle quickly comes to understand that her heart’s desire is for Falcon’s love—not Peregrine’s—whose affection seems to be solely for his music and his violin. As the terrible meaning of the QUEST FOR THE LIGHT OF VALMORA reveals itself fully, the sacrifices that Izabelle and Falcon must make seem unimaginable, and likely, unattainable. Neither of them may survive. Can Izabelle bring the Light of Valmora in time to vanquish Mahara and her cruel vengeance?

With the witch-queen’s anger aimed directly at her old flame, Raven, Falcon understands the only way to save his father is to take his place. No matter the consequences to himself, it’s the only way to keep everyone he loves safe from Mahara’s vindictive punishment. But will Falcon be able to survive even one night in her demonic captivity?


A mist crawled on phantom fingers along the forest floor as twilight threatened. Ebony trees, bereft of leaves, stood like soldiers that reached for heaven through the gloom. An unnatural silence fell upon the forest. Woodland creatures burrowed deep into the earth to seek comfort, their hearts fluttered with apprehension. A living cloud of birds darted across the darkening sky in an attempt to fly to the safety of some distant place where the light still held. Cicadas hushed their chatter and held themselves tight against the rough bark of the old oaks to become invisible. Not even the wind dared to breathe.

A few thin clouds clung to the darkening sky as the pale moon rose from the horizon. Out of the breech of trees, a horse with glowing red eyes galloped and upon its back, a rider appeared clothed in a dark cloak, its face shrouded in the depths of the darkened hood. The specter approached with urgent speed, hooves thundered on the forest floor and scattered dead leaves in its wake. Close enough now, a face appeared in the bleak light of the sunset. Its skin, unnaturally white and bloodless, glowed in the faded light. Obsidian tendrils snaked out of the hood to ride in the wake of the wind created by the swift ride.

Closer and closer she rode. Her soulless eyes filled with malice, glittered with death. Thin lips peeled back from her sharpened teeth as she croaked, "I'm coming for you and death to all who stand in my way." Upon the heels of her ominous threat, a hideous peel of laughter pierced the quiet while the shadows of night enveloped the Earth. The witch-queen of the Dark Isle rode with malignant purpose.



Without further comment, he scooped her up in his arms and waltzed with her to the place directly in front of the musicians. Falcon caught Peregrine's eyes and saw in them indifference. Anger swelled inside him. Peregrine could be such an ass. Didn't he care that Falcon danced with Izabelle much too close? What did Izabelle see in his apathetic brother who displayed nothing of the concern or interest he should in this astonishing woman?

Well, things are about to change.

Falcon dipped Izabelle low with only his arm to keep her from falling. He leaned over her body draped across his arm and inhaled her sweet essence floating on the night air. Her breath hitched and her eyes glittered in the dim light as she peered at him, those eyes wide and bright with surprise.

He lowered his mouth and touched his lips to hers.

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