Tuesday, July 27, 2021

HOT SUMMER DAYS by Sarah J. McNeal


Left to Right: Matthew (nephew), Mary (sister), Ron (Mary's Husband), Pop, Mom, Me 

 We did not have air conditioning in our house when I was growing up. After some years, Pop got a window air conditioner in the bedroom for Mom because she had heart failure and hard a hard time breathing. We were lucky to live in an old house, part of which was made of logs and later, updated with white wooden siding. We had numerous trees, mostly oaks and elms that shaded the house and helped keep it cool. But even with all those advantages, hot humid summers could become overwhelming. Many nights when the humidity was high, I would wake up to damp sheets from the damp air. There were times when the air was so still and the temperature was so high, thunder storms were a welcome relief because of the wind associated with them.

We kept the windows wide open all over the house. In those days we didn’t worry about break-ins because they just weren’t a thing. Only once, when no one was home did we experience a break-in, but it was kind of a sad thing. A neighbor across the field was suspected of the break-in and the only thing missing was canned goods from the pantry. Pop must have felt compassion for the neighbor because he didn’t report it to the police and didn’t seem to feel anyone was in danger from this person. We did, however, start locking the doors when no one was home after that.

Pop, Mary, Me. Mom: out in the side yard by the screened-in porch

The heat drove us outside for meals and family gatherings. We often went down to the edge of the orchard under the shelter of trees to catch a breeze and some comfort. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the screened-in porch in the evenings and had meals in the side yard during the day. I never felt deprived because we didn’t have air conditioning. Even today looking back at those days I feel a kind of happiness in the way we used to adjust our lives to the heat of summer. We had great conversations and somehow food tasted better outside. We weren’t closeted inside the house staring at a TV or confined under a roof instead of out in the fresh air with clouds and stars overhead. I look back on those days with fondness and joy.


Did you grow up with air conditioning? How did you beat the heat of summer when you were growing up? Do you miss those days or are you glad you don’t have to deal hot and humid days in summer? What is your favorite thing about summer these days?


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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Disasters and Prayers by Sarah J. McNeal, author


Forest Fires in Northern California

My thoughts and Prayers go out to our friends Europe from the floods that have taken 180 lives so far, to the people of Northern California experiencing yet another season of devastating forest fires, to the Mid-westerners suffering from the heat and extreme drought along the Colorado River, now estimated to have dropped its water level 140 feet, and to the families of those lost in the collapse of buildings in Florida.

Have any of these disasters affected you or your loved ones? Is there anything the rest of us can do to help you?

The Floods in Europe