Friday, November 28, 2014

PRESENT FOR A COWBOY Christmas Anthology

Present for a Cowboy 
A Christmas Anthology of Western Romances
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just Released for Preorder: PRESENT FOR A COWBOY

PRESENT FOR A COWBOY, a western Christmas anthology with 5 western romance writers is now available for preorder at Amazon: Preorder at Amazon
My contribution: When Love Comes Knocking

A lonely widow…an indiscretion…a gift for redemption


Penelope Witherspoon was charmed into marriage by Evan Thoroughgood only to learn she loved a philanderer, who gambled away his inheritance and drank too heavily. It came as no surprise that four months after their marriage, Evan was shot dead for cheating at cards. Since his death, Penelope has come to depend on his older brother, Gil. In fact, she has come to love and respect him. No two men could be further apart in character. But, if Gil learns of her secret indiscretion, he will want nothing further to do with her. What is Penelope to do?

Penelope hadn’t seen Gil in three days. She began to worry that something was wrong between them. She tried to go about her work to keep her mind from wandering and thinking about him, but every time she saw the Christmas tree he’d brought her and helped her decorate, her thoughts went right back to the night he left and the strained words at their parting.

Had he guessed at the truth about her and Banjo? Did he hate her now? What could she do to fix things and make him understand?