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The Heroes We Love by Sarah J. McNeal #PrairieRosePub #TheWildingsSeries


One of my favorite heroes is Robin Pierpont in the story, FLY AWAY HEART. He loves airplanes, his friends, family, animals, and the beautiful red haired girl he’s known since childhood, Lilith Wilding. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for those he loves…even something not quite legal.

Robin was born in England. At age ten he lost his father when he and his parents took the doomed Titanic to find a better life in America. His mother worked in a factory in New York City, but lost her job when the factory burned. Banjo sent Robin and Jane to Hazard, Wyoming to give them an opportunity to improve their lives. In Hazard, Jane fell in love with the Lakota Shaman, gas station owner, and uncle to Banjo Wilding, Teekonka Red Sky. (Their story is in my Christmas story, A HUSBAND FOR CHRISTMAS). 

It was in the town of Hazard Robin first met the adventurous, willful, and charming Lilith Wilding. His childhood affection for Lilith grew into a deep abiding love over the years. But there are obstacles standing between Robin and his happiness with Lilith…and one of those obstacles may prove fatal.

Who are some of your favorite story heroes from the books you’ve read? Have you ever fallen in love with a character you created in one of your own stories?  What did you like best about your favorite hero?


By Sarah J. McNeal

Prairie Rose Publications/ Imprint: Painted Pony Press

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Lilith pushed back from Robin enough to see his eyes.  “I know you’re dying to ask Juliet for a dance.  You could go over and break in, if you like.  She doesn’t care much for Paul Witherspoon any way.”

His eyes grew wide and his mouth pulled to one side.  “Are you trying to get rid of me, Lilith?”  He quirked a crooked smile at her.  “Do I have grease under my fingernails or something?  I swear I took a bath before I came.”

Lilith laughed as he dipped her low over his thigh then bent over her as if he would kiss her.  “Don’t you dare drop me.  I’ll scream bloody murder.”  Underneath her words, her heart thumped against her ribs and her breath quickened.

Robin laughed, deep and unconfined.  Pulling her up, he brought her close to his chest and peered at her with a sparkle of mischief in his eyes.  “Now I want to drop you just to see if you’ll hold good on that threat.”

Her heart thudded in her chest like a mad thing.  She couldn’t breathe with his mouth so close to hers.  If she could have a wish at that moment, it would be for Robin to dip his head just a little more and touch his lips to hers.  A tide of heat ran up her neck into her face just thinking about Robin kissing her with his hands on her bare back.

He lifted a brow and chuckled.  “Are you thinking something naughty, Miss Wilding?  I swear you’re blushing.”




The dog drew his attention when it whined pitifully. Its brown eyes seemed to plead with him. Somehow, he just couldn’t bring himself to walk away from the suffering creature. If he couldn’t get to Lilith, at least he could get this dog to safety. He knew, if he left the poor thing here, it would die a slow death for certain.

He made his way to the shaking pile of bones that resembled a dog and removed the clamp on the heavy chain. The dog could barely walk, and it made Rob sick to see the bones protruding from the animal’s ribs and hips. What kind of human beings were these two men? Did they eat babies for breakfast? He hoisted the dog into his arms, walked back to the car, opened the back door and placed the dog on his jacket on the back seat. Something in its brown eyes looked like gratitude, mixed with fear. Rob felt his heart crack.

“Don’t you worry, little girl, I’m going to see to you now. You don’t need to be scared or hungry anymore.” Thoughts of Lilith drummed through his mind. Please, please God, look after my Lilith and don’t let them hurt her.



There was no choice left. The roaring river was her only hope. To escape these vile men she would have to take her chances and plunge into the deadly current of the white water. With a deep breath to gather her courage, she dived into the rapids. The icy water took her breath. She never imagined it that cold. Helpless to navigate, the current took her down its dangerous path. The weight of her dress drug on her as she attempted to nudge her body toward the rocky island in the middle of the river. Lilith gulped water and fought against the pull of the current. If she could just get to the rocks, she could keep from going over the falls. Certain death would take her if she went over, but there was no turning back now.

Shots rang out and a bullet whizzed past her ear. As she bobbed for an instant above the water, she saw that Edgar had a pistol in his hand aimed at her. He mouthed something at her, but the noise of the rushing water drown out his words. Just as well. She couldn’t get back to the shore if she tried. The current swept her in its cold embrace. Sometimes it rolled her under. She took on water. Her lungs hurt for want of air and the water burned them. Please God, don’t let me die this way.

The river dragged her along, pushed her under, and turned her over and over in a mad rush for the falls and she couldn’t stop it. A picture of Robin came to her. His voice seemed to command her. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Don’t give up.


For Readers and Authors:

Who are some of your favorite story heroes from the books you’ve read? Have you ever fallen in love with a character you created in one of your own stories?  What did you like best about your favorite hero?

Y’all stay  safe and happy!


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