Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Luna Moth

Yesterday, I found a beautiful Luna Moth under the oak tree in the back yard.  It was dying.  I couldn't just let it lay there on the rain-soaked ground so I carefully picked it up and laid it in a flower pot filled with mint and orange daisies. I did take some pictures of her and put one of them here.
Early this morning, I saw that it was still there but lying on it's back.  It had died during the night.  When I went out later to get a closer look, I saw that a bird must have come along and made a meal of it because all that was left were its wings.  So is the cycle of life.  I gathered up one of the wings and took inside to keep as a remembrance of the lovely, delicate moth.  I hope she got a chance to lay her eggs before she lost her life.  I am grateful that I had a chance to see her and perhaps make her last hours on the Earth a little easier.