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HEART SONG Needs Your Votes

Heart Song has been nominated at P&E in the short romance category. I've never been nominated before, so this is expecially exciting for me. I'm tied at third place at the moment.
Heart Song

Facing death might change Gideon ’s life.


Gideon thought he had the perfect life as a musician with a beautiful model as his girlfriend, until he was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ashamed and afraid he may die, Gideon hits bottom when his girlfriend dumps him for a real man.

Hope comes in the form of his father’s ghost and a person he has just met. Can he beat the odds and survive? And if he does, can he ever find happiness again?


Something electric sparked in the air as silence ensued. He gazed into her eyes as if attempting to read her heart. The oxygen left her lungs and her heart flung itself against her ribs as he moved his lips closer to hers. The black irises in his eyes widened. His hand held the back of her neck and his fingers slid into her ponytail and loosed the clip that held it in place. The moment stilled. His voice sounded no more than a raw whisper when he spoke. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long. It feels like I’m in a dream.” Then his lips, firm and warm took hers in a kiss that started as gentle as a snowflake falling on a pine bough.

Lila returned his kiss and it grew into something filled with urgency and longing. She moved her hands around his neck to bring him closer and closer still. Warmth spread throughout her being like a thousand lights all turned on at once. They drew back from the kiss, took a breath and kissed again. His eyes darkened from aqua to navy as his hands pulled her closer until they pressed into one another from hip to chest. His breathing hitched as he pulled her close to him and enfolded her in his arms.

Heart Song has been nominated in the Short Story Romance Category at P&E. I would be so happy if you would vote for it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



I was selected to participate in The Next Big Thing and I was very happy to take part in the fun blog hop. So here goes...
A little bio:
I am a multipublished author of many genres of romance from western to contemporary, but my favorite is paranormal and time travel such as The Violin, Harmonica Joe’s Reluctant Bride and a new series, The Legends of Winatuke. The first book should be released in the next few months.

Places you can find me:

Here are some authors I like that I hope you'll check out:
Jenny Twist:

Stephanie Burkhart:

Linda Swift:

Lindsay Townsend:

Cheryl Pierson:

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book?

THE LIGHT OF VALMORA, Legends of Winatuke

Where did the idea come from for the book?

My hairdresser, Cathy Craton, once asked me to write about something to do with fairies. Well, I couldn’t see me writing about the little magic folk, but I sure could see me writing about some big people with magical gifts and unique wings. Thus, I created the beings of light that I later named the Nimway. Each Nimway is born with a special gift or two and unique wings that are almost like fingerprints; some are like butterfly wings, some like birds and some a combination, but no two are exactly alike. Every good story has to have conflict, so what better way to disturb the good Nimway than to put their kingdoms and nomadic nations into deadly jeopardy and introduce a terrible dark antagonist who wants to destroy them and use them for evil. Mahara is the witch queen of the Dark Isle. She rules without conscience and possesses a lust for blood and pain.

What genre does your book fall under?


Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Jake Gyllenhaa would make a perfect Falcon, fit, lean, dark hair, but with dark eyes instead of blue.

Penelope Cruz with her long dark hair in curls, brown eyes and her lovely accent.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

A quest for an enchanted light...a Gypsy’s love...and a warrior’s sacrifice to save Valmora.

Where do you plan to submit your book, or will you self published it? Will you be submitting it to agents and NYC publishers first.

The Light of Valmora, Legends of Winatuke is contracted with Publishing by Rebecca Vickery.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

To completion, two years. I spent most of the time reworking the first chapter over and over again. I don't think I've ever spent so much time writing a novel, but I really hope readers will like it.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

If you mean by another author, then I would say Lord of the Rings but with 100 % more romance meets the wicked witch of the west.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

After writing two other novels in this series, I was running on adrenaline and eager to capture one of my secondary characters as a hero.  The first two books will be available for $.99 at a little later date as well.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

This book is filled with secrets and extreme danger. It’s all or nothing, last stand; do or die. If the quest fails, all of Winatuke will fall to ruin—and it all depends on one human and his unpretentious talent for solving puzzles. 
I recently posted the cover for The Light of Valmora, Legends of Winatuke created by Laura Shinn, a talented artist and author.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Authors in the Kitchen: A Cook book for Charity

The authors and staff of Victory Tales Press, Western Trailblazer and Publishing by Rebecca Vickery have compiled a cook book of favorite recipes in Authors in the Kitchen. Proceeds go to Save the Children charity orgaization.

You can buy digital copies or PRINT at the following online stores:
The print is now available at Amazon for $7.95 at

I have several of my favorite recipes in it. Just saying...
I hope you'll consider buying several copies to give as gifts this year and know that your gift goes to the one you give the cook book to and to a child who needs your help.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Christmas Blog Fest With Lots of Prizes!!

Come and join in the fun and win some great prizes. You don't want to miss out on the all the fun.
I hope to see you there.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Coming Soon: THE LIGHT OF VAMORA, Legends of Valmora

THE LIGHT OF VALMORA, Legends of Winatuke is now in edits. I'd like to share the cover for it and the blurb. I am so excited to have this story out. The first two books in the Legends of Winatuke series will be available at the $.99 bookstore. They are full length novels but I wanted them to be available for readers to enjoy the first characters and learn about the Beings of Light and their fight against the dark forces of The Dark Isle. All books are stand alone.


A quest for an enchanted light...a Gypsy’s love...and a warrior’s sacrifice to save Valmora.

To free his father from the malevolent queen of the Dark Isle, Falcon must find the legendary Light of Valmora that lies hidden in the darkest place on earth— beneath the foreboding Dark Isle. To complicate things further, he is falling in love with Izabelle, the Gypsy woman who loves his brother, Peregrine.

Once rejected by Peregrine, Izabelle wants to win him back. When she initiates her plan, his brother thwarts her strategy with an exciting alternative, but time is running out and the price of Valmora’s salvation may be the sacrifice of its greatest warrior and Izabelle’s last chance for love.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Come Join me for some Halloween fun with free prizes

In celebration of my new release, The Curse of the Amber Tomb, included in the 2012 Fall/Paranormal Collection, I will be blogging at Sarah's Provocative Ponderings on October 4th and giving away a digital copy of the 2012 Fall/Paranormal Collection to one of the commentors. Be sure to include your email address in your comment for a chance to win.

On October 6-13 I will be at the Haut-O-Ween with Karen Michelle Nutt telling a ghost story from Charlotte, NC and including a recipe for haunted popcorn.  I will be giving away a print copy of the 2012 Fall/Paranormal Collection and some sweet treats to one of the commentors. Be sure that your email address is included in your commented so I can contact you if you are a winner.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gifts From The Afterlife Coming Soon


Gifts From the Afterlife is my Christmas short story coming soon from Publishing by Rebecca Vickery for $.99

How dark must it get before Lydia sees the light?


Lydia Sinclair’s life has run off the rails.  She has lost everyone she loves and Christmas has lost its meaning.  As Christmas approaches, Lydia wants to go to sleep and never wake up again.  Perhaps an angel, some ghosts and a childhood sweetheart can convince her that life is worth living again.  Can Lydia let go of what once was, renew her joy in Christmas and find the promise of hope for her future?

cover created by Laura Shinn  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming Soon: Fall/Paranormal Anthology

The Fall/Paranormal Anthology from Victory Tales Press
coming October first
Here is the list of authors and their contributions including mine:

Love is Eternal by Cate Abbott
Falling in love with a man from work is dangerous enough. What could Angelique possibly be thinking when she goes on a weekend trip – over Halloween, no less – with this dark haired, mysterious male?

Shattered Illusions by Karen Michelle Nutt
Blood stained floors appear and disappear, low whispering voices greet her as a storm causes the lights to flicker. Brona must put her fears behind her and unravel the mystery that haunts the house.

Night of Magic by Stephanie Burkhart
It's 800 A.D. on the Emerald Isle. Samhain. Dark. Dangerous. Powerful. Dare Finn brave the bonfires to bring Aithne home?

Magic Words by Gerald Costlow
Hundreds of years ago, Felipe was cursed to be an immortal frog. Now only the lovely Evelyn can break his curse – if he can convince her that the handsome man she met just this morning is not crazy.

The Curse of the Amber Tomb by Sarah J. McNeal
A handsome photographer who is afraid of heights and a lady archeologist afraid to love must face their fears when they discover a deadly secret in an ancient tomb.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Next Big Thing

I was tagged by Jacquie Rogers to blog about my Next Big Thing. Here goes...
Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing
  1. What is the working title of your book?
Fly Away Heart
  1. Where did the idea come from for the book?
This story takes place in 1932 during the Great Depression. The hero, Robin Pierpont, survived the Titanic when he was 10 years old along with his mother but his father went down with the ship. Robin has a dreaded fear of deep water but a love for the sky and airplanes. He and his mother make their first appearance in For Love of Banjo. I love the era of the Great Depression and Prohibition. Exciting times. Of course, Robin gets involved with rum running and is about to lose everything including the love of his life, Lilith Wilding.
  1. What genre does your book fall under?
Historical Western Romance
  1. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Boy oh boy, I wish it would become a movie. I would choose Liam Hemsworth from The Hunger Games as Robin PierpontAmy Adams would play Lilith Wilding.
  1. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
In the time of the Great Depression, Robin Pierpont must choose between the love of his life, Lilith Wilding, or saving his friend and his family from a rum runner’s wrath.
  1. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I intend it for my publisher , Western Trail Blazers
  1. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I finished the synopsis. I’m presently on Chapter 4 of the first draft.
  1. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Thunder Road  I didn’t read the book but I saw the old movie on the late show with Robert Mitchum and one of his sons.
  1. Who or What inspired you to write this book?
While I was writing For Love of Banjo, I fell in love with the English kid, Robin Pierpont who had suffered so much. Banjo saved him and his mother from a factory fire when Banjo was in New York City. Maggie took Robin and his mother, Jane home with her to Hazard, Wyoming. Jane worked for Maggie on the ranch and Robin took to ranching as if he had been doing it since birth. In Fly Away Heart, Jane has married Banjo’s uncle, Teekonka Red Sky who, like Banjo, is a genius with mechanical things. He and Robin own a garage and work on cars but Robin yearns to fly a plane. In the Great Depression people didn’t have a lot of money so they bargained and bartered. As payment for some work Robin did on a man’s car, the man pays Robin with a broken down biplane—and the dream begins.
  1. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Fly Away Heart is part of a western series in which Harmonica Joe’s Reluctant Bride and For Love of Banjo are presently published. The characters from both previous books resurface in Fly Away Heart. I think readers might enjoy a visit with them and an update on what their lives are like fourteen years later.

Tagging Members:
Meg Mims
Toni Sweeny
Alison Henderson
Alison Bruce
Kat Flannery

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meet Author, James Hatch

Interview Questions for James Hatch:

What would you like your readers to know about you?

First, thank you for inviting me here, Sarah. I’ve always admired your work and encouraging words for other authors, so I’m especially flattered to be here.

Relative to me, I would say I am a passionate person. When I write, I write. When I work, I work. I am highly focused, to the exclusion of almost everything except what I’m working on at the time. I throw myself at projects until I complete them, regardless of the frustration. I think a lot of Ph.D.s are that way. You have to have stamina to get through school, all the way, just as you need stamina to complete a 300-page novel. If a person is not passionate, he or she won’t get anything done. I am passionate, but also somewhat frivolous. I dance, fish, write, review works by others, collect art, build things, work in the yard and occasionally tend grandchildren. None of these things make the world a better place, but I justify that by repeating to myself, You’ve already paid your dues. Changing the world is for the young. At this time of life, I cherish my vote … and never waste an opportunity to use it.

How has your writing impacted –or significantly changed—other aspects of your life?

I am very lucky in this regard. I have retired three times, and choose to never work again. Unlike many authors who struggle to fit writing into their busy schedules, I have the luxury of scheduling other activities around my writing. There are times, however, when conflicts at home arise – mostly when my wife has some computer issue or mechanical problem. My cat can also be a distraction. We have all gradually come to a compromise. When I write, I begin very early in the morning and continue until around noon. The cat gets to go outside when it is still dark and my wife gets to sleep in as long as she likes. This works for both of them. It also works for me.  

How do you market or generate a mainstream, typical reader’s interest in your books?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? The short answer is that I haven’t found the key yet. I use Facebook (personal and professional), Goodreads, Amazon author’s page, Myspace, and Blogger, but have only recently passed the one thousand friend level on my personal page and my professional page only has a couple hundred “likers.” I have attended book fairs, submit to at least three blogs per month on various sites, won local writing competitions, placed third in a cover competition, presented at area book clubs, managed to get a half-page spread in our local newspaper, and will be included in a central Texas magazine (Tex-Appeal) soon, but reaching large numbers of people is almost impossible. All I can say is I have faith in my novels, especially the comedies (The Substitute, Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! and The Training Bra). When people read those books, they love them and laugh until they cry. That is my motivation to keep trying. People need to know what they are missing. The whole world needs a good laugh.

Please share some of the ways in which you have found most effective to promote your work.

I believe my two most effective promotion approaches are jokes and reviews, but I could be wrong. I try to post one of my book covers with relatively clean jokes on Facebook at least three to four times per week. The jokes are funny and I receive lots of feedback from all over the world relative to them from my Facebook friends. I believe I have a lot of followers associated with the jokes, and my covers are always “out there” for people to see. I have probably sold more books because of jokes than anything else. On a serious side, I read a lot. I review books written by other authors and post the reviews on my site at The reviews garner the attention of the individuals who follow the authors I review, and I try to ensure the reviews are (1) fair, (2) flawlessly written and (3) include a reference to one of my own books in the “Reviewed By” title. The reviews also get posted on Amazon and Goodreads, so others see the by-line as well. 

Your paranormal novels are unique, even the titles are very different. So, James, tell us from where you get your quirky story ideas.

Quirky? The living dead are quirky. My heroes are just plain dead. The concept for Miss Havana came to me in a dream. I had recently finished a romantic novel called Aftermath Horizon, which I still consider one of my best, and wondered what I’d write next as I drifted off to sleep. It hit me about 1 a.m. I woke up laughing and literally ran to my computer to begin writing The Substitute. The characters took on a life of their own, and I laughed all the way through writing the book, even becoming light headed at times. The novel took only two months to complete, and is my most successful work to date. I think that will change when The Training Bra is released. The Training Bra is drop dead hilarious … in the literal sense … even more so, in my editor’s opinion, than The Substitute.

If you could choose an animal that best represents your inner spirit, what animal would you choose? What characteristics do you share with your animal mascot?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe one of those strange looking little dogs that hot Hollywood actresses carry everywhere in their oversized purses – even into their dressing rooms. That might be fun. I could be pampered, and I find women fascinating. That’s probably the reason I often write as Miss Havana. Now you know the reason we never show her face on my book covers. I am also one of the Sweet ‘n Sexy Divas and write for that blog once each month. My 84-year-old beta reader says I write better as a woman than as a man. I’m not sure what to make of that, since I lack many of the basic qualifications for being female.

Tell us about your current and past projects.

I have written eight novels and one short story so far, with my first publishing contract being awarded in November 2009. Three novels are Sci-Fi (The Judge, Infinity Quest and The Empress of Tridon), two novels and one short story are contemporary fiction (Kill Zone, “The Final Experiment” and Aftermath Horizon), and three novels are paranormal comedy (The Substitute, Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! and The Training Bra). I suspect I have been searching for a genre that fits me well, and I think I’ve found it in paranormal comedy.

What’s up next for you? Any upcoming releases and/or WIPs on your desk?

I am currently editing The Training Bra in conjunction with my editor at Solstice Publishing, Cheryl Nichols. I have also begun the fourth Miss Havana novel called The Trophy Wife. In all Miss Havana novels, the heroine is a different physical woman, but has the same name (for different reasons). More important, she has the same spirit … mostly evil. Her nefarious nature gets her murdered early in each book, but there are afterlife lessons to be learned, and, as slow as she is to change, she makes progress toward being a better spirit. In The Trophy Wife, I want her to make the “good spirit” transition … and become God’s main squeeze. Just as she had a child with Lucifer in The Substitute (Lilith), I expect she will have one with God as well … Angel. That will lead to the fifth novel called Sisters, which should be throat-slitting funny.  

Where can readers find you?

Thank you, Sara, for allowing me to visit your blog, and to all of you who waded through this interview, thanks for reading!


James L. Hatch
Author for Eternal Press, Solstice Publishing and
The Training Bra
To be published by Solstice Publishing
Hilarious Comedy that follows "The Substitute" and "Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana!"

Oh Heavens, Miss Havana
Buy link at
Publisher: Solstice Publishing Printer: Createspace Having performed a single selfless act, Miss Havana finds herself on probation in heaven. After many missteps, she discovers she still retains the powers she had as The Queen of Darkness, and realizes she’s on probation as much to keep her from joining forces with her daughter, The Princess of Darkness, as anything else. The Brazilian, a large black man with a dreadlocks beard who waxes regularly, is her “guide”, but she ignores his advice until he’s taken off her case. Guideless and in a foreign environment, she consorts with evil spirits from her former realm, especially Waldo, a shadow creature so named because he’s so hard to find. She acquires a copy of “The Angels Guide to Earth”, comes to believe she is the Angel of Death, and returns to the surface as an advice columnist and assassin. She wreaks havoc before God intervenes for a final showdown...which, as it turns out, isn’t as final as most would hope.

The Substitute:
Buy link:
Miss Havana’s public persona was far from the truth because, in her capacity as substitute teacher, the small community where she lived knew her as the breathtakingly beautiful young woman who demanded every student learn, but in her private life, ostensibly caring for aging parents in Chicago, she raced through the lives of powerful men, leaving a wake of destruction…and a deep desire for revenge. Little did she realize her conflicted life would end in a chaotic death at an early age, and to an eternal conflict with the devil.

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You're Invited to 2 places on August 18 & 19

                                                                            Photo from Free Photos at Photobucket

I'm going to have a busy weekend August 18-19. I have 2 blogs coming up on that Saturday and Sunday.
I am honored to post my first post on the prestigious, Sweethearts of the West blog. This blog is all about the west and the authors who post monthly, are western writers both contemporary and historic. All of my posts will be on the 18th and 19th of every month.
This month will be an introduction about me and my work. After this, I plan to write some articles about the historic west, some funny, some informative and some just weird. So, I hope you'll join me there once a month starting August 18 & 19.
I am also going to be on the Fifty Authors From Fifty States blog talking about my home, North Carolina on August 18. I have included tags to check out some of my favorite places to visit in North Carolina and I'll tell you a bit about them. I hope you'll come and see what I have to say about the state I love in which I love to live.
You know I want you there so I hope you'll make me happy and come on over and comments are welcome.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Come See Me At Once Upon A Word

I'll be blogging at Once Upon A Word about the challenge of creating a hero with health issues. My new release, HEART SONG, has such a hero. Gideon is a musician on the brink of an outstanding career.  He has the perfect life with money and a trophy girlfriend when he learns he has cancer. His life is about to change in ways he never imagined. I hope you'll visit me on July 25 and 26 and learn more about my hero and my book, HEART SONG.
It's on sale for 99 cents.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

It's hot as all get-out here in North Carolina. Still, as far as I know, we're going to have fireworks. I heard on the news that some parts of the USA there is a ban of fireworks because of the drought and heat.  What a shame. My neighbors usually set off some fantastic fireworks that I can see from my deck.  Very nice.
I'm not sure what our plan is for celebrating but I'm sure it will involve some good food. Right now I'm thinking air conditioning and ice cream.  LOL
What you planning?  Do you have any family traditions for celebrating the 4th of July?
If you're driving anywhere, stay safe.

Friday, June 29, 2012


HEART SONG has just released by Publishing by Rebecca Vickery and is now live for 99 cents at the following locations:


HEART SONG will also be available at for .99 any minute.

Facing death might change Gideon’s life.
Heart Song Blurb

Gideon thought he had the perfect life as a musician with a beautiful model as his girlfriend, until he was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ashamed and afraid he may die, Gideon hits bottom when his girlfriend dumps him for a real man.

Hope comes in the form of his father’s ghost and a person he has just met. Can he beat the odds and survive? And if he does, can he ever find happiness again?

Gideon pushed the button in his hand that would bring him relief. 
Maybe it was the morphine that caused him to slip into some kind of hallucination or maybe he was just dreaming—or wishing. The room appeared filled with white fog so thick that nothing remained visible beyond the bed where he lay. A fragrance drifted on the fog almost like a memory of forest, pungent cedar, rich, leaf-covered earth and sun warmed water. 
Gideon knew before the form appeared through the fog to stand at the foot of his bed that his father had come to him. He closed his eyes against the visage and yearned for it to be real even though he knew it couldn’t be. His parents had died two years ago in a car accident. But, when he blinked his eyes open once again, his dad was still there—a slim, tall man wearing waders and a fishing hat over his thick, silver hair. A narrow fringe of white mustache graced his upper lip as he smiled that lopsided way that Gideon remembered so well. He seemed so real that Gideon felt a lump of suppressed emotions form in his throat and wanted to cry with pure joy. All he could manage to say in a whisper was, “Pop? Is that you?” 

I will be giving away a copy of HEART SONG to a commenter  on my blog Sarah's Provocative Ponderings on July 5th. :  
I hope you'll join me there.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Belated Happy Father's Day

                                                                My Dad back in  the day.
I had so much trouble getting my blogger to work in the last few days that I couldn't write any posts and, unfortunately, didn't get to post a Father's Day note.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday in celebration of Father's Day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Heart Song Contracted

Heart Song , a short story, has been contracted with Publishing by Rebecca Vickery for the 99 cent book store. Hopefully, it should be available at the end of June.  I am so excited about this story.

Facing death might change Gideon’s life.

Gideon thought he had the perfect life as a musician with a beautiful model as his girlfriend, until he was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Ashamed and afraid he may die, Gideon hits bottom when his girlfriend dumps him for a “real” man.
Hope comes in the form of his father’s ghost and a person he has just met. Can he beat the odds and survive? And if he does, can he ever find happiness again?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can A Secondary Character Become A Hero?

When I wrote Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride (time travel/western), I had no intention of using a secondary character as a hero in another story or writing a sequel. As I began to write about the Iron Slipper Saloon in Hazard, Wyoming, a homeless teenage boy named Banjo walked into the story and I couldn't get him off my mind. What was it about him that was so special that I had to give him his own story?

I hope you'll join me today at Nancy Jardine's Blog.

Maybe you've done the same thing with one of your secondary characters. I'd love to hear from you.

Nancy Jardine’s Blog:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I haven't really celebrated Mother's Day since 1974 when Mom died. 
I don't have any children so I don't get flowers, chocolate or breakfast in bed.  I suppose, if I were somebody's mom, it might be a happy day for me in spite of losing my mother before she had a chance to grow old.
But I do remember her on Mother's Day.  I light a candle beside her picture and I write a little note or buy her a card and lay it there knowing that, somehow, wherever her spirit resides, she knows I thought of her and love her still.  This is the day I miss her the most. She meant the world to me. . .she still does.
For those of you who still have your moms, I hope you celebrate your love for her today in your own special way.  And if you are a mom, I wish you a happy and loving day with your family.

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Today I am blogging about the thing inside each writer that pushes them to write.  Was it always there? When did you first hear the call to be a writer?  I hope you'll cpome on over to Sarah's Provocative Ponderings at Renee Vincent's place and tell me how and when the writer bug bit you.
Even if you're not a writer, you might want to find out what them critters tick.
I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone. 

 Let's take care of her 'cause she's all we got. . . unless one of ya'll has a ticket to Mars or something.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Light of Valmora: Page 77, 7 Sentences after line 7

Here is my answer to the Facebook challenge via tag to post page 77, the last 7 sentences from my WIP.  I have submitted The Light of Valmora but my next WIP is only at page 11 so here goes:
Page 77 from The Light of Valmora, 7 sentences after 7 lines down:

Falcon saw the confusion in her eyes as if she realized to her horror that she just kissed the wrong brother.

The violin stopped playing. A unified gasp escaped the crowd and filled the air followed by expectant silence. A menacing hand pulled at Falcon’s arm and forced him to release Izabelle. Falcon turned to confront the intruder and glared into Peregrine’s enraged aqua eyes.

Izabelle stepped back and pressed the back of her hand against her mouth. Falcon couldn’t miss the shock on her face as he turned to confront his brother.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Using Real History In A Story--And A Prize

While researching the history of World War I for my latest release, For Love of Banjo, I came across some very interesting facts about the Fifteenth Calvary Regiment that I used when I sent my hero into battle.  I even found the insignia used by the Fifteenth Regiment Calvary of the United States.
I'll be giving away a choice of a PDF copy of one of my books, The Violin, Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride or For Love of Banjo to someone who comments.  I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'll be at Sweehearts of the West March 22--Prize to give away

Thursday, March 22, I'll be at The Sweethearts of the West talking about The legend of The Ghost Ship on the Platte River in Wyoming. To some it is known as The Ship of Death and foretells the death of someone close to the person who sees it. *shiver*

I'll be giving away a copy of my new release, For Love of Banjo, to one of the commenters. Be sure to add your email address for a chance to win. I hope to see you there. Just follow this tag:

Sarah J. McNeal

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Irish in America Blog and a Prize

I hope you'll join me tomorrow at Judy Nickles' blog.  I'll be talking about the Irish in America--they weren't alway lucky or liked.  I'll be giving away a copy of my western time travel book, Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride to a commenter so be sure to leave your email addy in your comment for a chance to win.  Here's the tag to her website:
I hope celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with me and maybe win a book while you're there.
Slan's beannachd!
(Health and a blessing!)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For Love of Banjo to Release March First

The sequel to Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride will release on March first--tomorrow.  For Love of Banjo is the story the homeless teenager that saved Lola's life and almost died.
Here is the excerpt from Harmonica Joe when Banjo tried to save Lola from the killer:
“Don’t you sass me now, Callie. I’ve come to collect what belongs to me. If I don’t git my money, I’m taking you with me and make you work it off.” He gripped her tight around the waist and started making for the door when a voice called out, loud and clear halting his retreat.

“You let her go, Taylor. That’s not Callie you fool. Her name is Lola and she hasn’t done anything to you. Let her go, I say.” Banjo walked toward them with a big butcher knife in his hand that he must have picked up from under the bar.

Lola’s fear doubled into a knot that sat in her throat and threatened to cut off her breath. “It’s okay, Banjo. I’m okay. I’ll just go along with Weston for now and we’ll talk things out.” She took a shaky breath trying with all her might to summon up her courage. “I’m sure, once I talk to him, he’ll know he has the wrong woman.”

“Get out of my way, you good for nothing snot nosed boy. I ain’t got time for wet nursing right now.” Weston spewed spittle when he talked turning Lola’s stomach until she thought she might throw up right then and there.

“Shut the hell up, Taylor. Let her go, or I’ll put this knife right through your heart.” Banjo inched closer and closer.

And here is a Banjo's own story, For Love of Banjo:

Deceit stands between Banjo Wilding’s love for Maggie O’Leary and his search for the father he never knew.


Banjo Wilding wears a borrowed name and bears the scars and reputation of a lurid past. To earn the right to ask for Margaret O’Leary’s hand, he must find his father and make something of himself.

Margaret O’Leary has loved Banjo since she was ten years old but standing between her and Banjo is pride, Banjo’s mysterious father and the Great War.


“Did Daddy swear he’d beat the tar out of you if you tried to seduce me?” They both laughed but Maggie’s skin heated at the idea of being alone with Banjo in the warm seclusion of her home.

“You know Sam, it was more than that. He swore he’d hunt me down, strip the skin from my hide and then he would shoot me if I took advantage of you.” He grinned then the smile slipped away and, in the moments of silence after, Banjo grew serious as he gazed into Maggie’s eyes. “I admit, Maggie, it would be worth a hide-stripping to spend a night with you in my arms.”

Heat gathered in her abdomen and moved down between her legs at the very thought of Banjo with his hands on her bare flesh. “Did you promise Daddy you wouldn’t?” Her words came out breathless and rode on little foggy clouds in the cold, crisp air.

“I’m afraid so.”

For Love of Banjo:
For Love of Banjo will be available at other bookstores very soon as well.
For Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride:
Available at Western Trail Blazer Novels

Available at

Lulu Book Store:


and Barnes & Noble,%201&if=N&cm_mmc=Goodreads-_-k117601-_-j12871747k117601-_-Primary

Both books may be ordered in e-book, Kindle and paperback

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you're all celebrating with your special someone.  I have a little list of things I'd like to have today starting with Mr. Ben Mouse and his lovely banjo tunes...

Then a few red roses wouldn't hurt...

And a big ol' box of delicious chocolate ought to just about take care of my Valentine's Day list.

So what's on your list of Valentine's Day delights?  Maybe a knight in shining armor?
Well, whatever your desires are today, I hope they all come true.  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Log Lines and a Contest

Some readers may not know what a logline is. Besides serving as a torment to authors, loglines give the essence of a book boiled down to one sentence that is less than 25 words long. Kind of tricky. It used to scare me to death but then I started practicing doing it in ten words or less.

Today I am at the Logline Blog with the logline from Harmonica Joe’s Reluctant Bride, Yeah. I know. The title is almost a logline. Any way, if you come over and leave a comment, you will be eligible to win a gift certificate for or ARE for $20. They give away a monthly prize of a gift certificate so that’s a nice little bonus.

Here’s the tag to get there:

I hope I see you there.


Sunday, February 05, 2012

Chance to Win $20 Gift Certificate

On Thursday, February 9, my log line for Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride will post at the Log Line Blog.  Just for commenting, you will have a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to or ARe.
On Thursday go to this tag: 
I hope to see you there.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Violin (revised edition) received a 5 Star Review

Manic Readers reviewer, Alberta, gave the revised edition of  The Violin a 5 star review.  Thank you so much, Alberta, for making my day.
Here is the complete review:
Full Review from Manic readers:

Release Date: 12/04/11

Genre: Historical Romance

Pages: 215

Publisher: Rebecca J. Vickery

I love time travel romances, and I loved this one. Genevieve is a product of the foster child system, a repressed, self-conscious, shy, unloved and unlovable teacher with dreams of an unknown man that recur nightly.

When she sees an auction for an old violin, she feels compelled to buy it, behaving totally out of character for her staid self. Inside she finds information about the owner who drowned in 1927. She embarks on a journey to find out more about the man, his family and the violin. She manages to go back in time to 1927, meets and falls in love with John, the owner of the violin.

She is welcomed by family and friends but she knows she must try and save John’s life, before returning to her own time. Their love is doomed to separation by years or death or both.

The Violin is intricately written, and the difference in personality between Genevieve in the present day to Genevieve in 1927 is clearly defined and startling. The whole town seems to know something that she doesn’t, but when she finds out what that is, she can’t or won’t believe it could possibly be true. I loved the characters, both main and secondary, and the conflicts are satisfactorily resolved. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

To view the complete review at Manic Readers, here is the tag: