Friday, October 13, 2017

An Unusual House Guest

Big surprise! I woke up Wednesday morning to find a baby frog hopping across my bedroom floor. Even though he tried to disguise himself as a tiny dust ball, I realized it was a living creature when the dust bunny actually hopped. It took a second hop to penetrate my foggy brain. It was then that I noticed its eyes and it blinked. The dust ball masquerade was over.

A moment of panic rushed in. I certainly wasn’t going to harm the little guy. That just wouldn’t be my style. It’s not like the little thing was coming to kill me or something. It was just lost and confused most likely. I dug into the bathroom cabinet and found an old baby wipes box and a little dust pan and brush I keep in there. I nudged the little froggy into the box, took it outside to the deck, and released it into the wilds of the potted mint. Little froggy now had everything it needed—plenty of places to get shelter, water from one of the bird baths, and, with some gratitude on my part, plenty of mosquitoes to eat. We are both happy now.

I had another baby frog some years back who lived in the metal whirligig on the deck. Thank goodness the whirligig was no longer functional or it could have been a hazard instead of a hideaway. That frog grew up and moved on. Maybe this new baby frog is one of its offspring.

The frog is sitting on top of the cloud between the 2 airplanes

Apparently my house has become a frog has become a froggy sanctuary. I have no idea where these frogs come from. As far as I know there is no creek or pond anywhere around. The only thing that disturbs me is this recent frog—how did it get into my bedroom? I may never know. I just hope no snakes find a way in. I would freak out for certain. My sister did have a problem with little garter snakes in her house when she lived in Raleigh. When I had a doggie door, the cat would bring in things like birds, moles, and one time, a little garter snake and she would release them and chase them around in the house. Needless to say, I shut down that doggie door and Liberty hasn’t been allowed outside in the years since then.

Have any of you had wildlife loose in your house? What about snakes?

Monday, October 09, 2017

My New Release: SONG OF MY HEART

SONG OF MY HEART releases October 10, 2017

Contemporary short story by Sarah J. McNeal

Logline:  Facing death might change Gideon’s life.


Gideon thought he had the perfect life as a musician with a beautiful model as his girlfriend, until he was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ashamed and afraid he may die, Gideon hits bottom when his girlfriend dumps him for a real man.

Hope comes in the form of his father’s ghost and a person he has just met. Can he beat the odds and survive? And if he does, can he ever find happiness again?


I'll be at the Fire Star Press blog tomorrow. Come over and comment for a chance to win a free digital copy of SONG OF MY HEART.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

To Nap Or Not To Nap

    When I was younger, before I retired from nursing, I used to think of naps as a waste of time. Who took naps for Pete's sake? There is just too much to do and, besides, people who take naps are just lazy and nonproductive--right?
    Well let me tell ya, things have changed. I've found naps to be a healthy and wise investment. I don't get to take one every day, but I sure look forward to those days when I can. My naps aren't long, anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, but they make... a difference. If I take a nap longer than an hour it has the opposite affect on me and I feel drained and out of sorts. But a short nap does wonders to reset my mood. A person can get kinda cranky when they're tired or aggravated.
    A nap takes all that bad mood and tiredness away and makes you more amiable and pleasant. I feel refreshed and peaceful after a nap even after just 15 minutes. A short nap does wonders to reset my mood. I don't even have to fall asleep. Sometimes I can just lie there and meditate for a while and it helps me make it through the rest of the day in a good mood. Many more people should take naps.
    Do you take naps? If you do, do you feel better when you do? Do you get to reset your mood?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Broken Dishwasher, Plumbers, And Martinis

Some years ago my automatic dishwasher up and died. Naturally, I ran out to Sears and bought a new one to replace it. I was so happy when the guy came to install the new washer. But then there was a glitch. According to the installer something was wrong with my plumbing and I would have to call my plumber before he could finish installing my new dishwasher.
The plumber came and did something with those pipes and hoses and said all would be well. Back came the installer. After working around for a bit, he said I needed to call the plumber back because it still didn’t work.
Here comes the plumber again, another $80 for the house call paid. He toyed with the pipes again and said all should be well.
Here comes the installer who said he still couldn’t get the dishwasher running and to call the plumber once more.
Another plumber came this time and while he checked out the plumbing to the dishwasher, my niece, Betsy, and I made some watermelon martinis. They were delicious by the way. So, we shared a martini or two with the plumber. After the plumber finish inspecting the pipes and hoses to the dishwasher, he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the plumbing. It seems the dishwasher was defective.

Back comes the installer who then admitted it was the dishwasher that was not working and offered me a deal—he would write up a work order for someone from Sears to come fix the brand new washer for a discount on the dishwasher. Now that it had already cost me over $200 in plumbers who apparently hadn’t done anything until the last one who had a couple martinis, I was pretty irate at being lied to by him and two of the plumbers so I told him to take his broken dishwasher back to Sears.

I bought another dishwasher at Home Depot, the worker installed it, and it worked like a dream for years until last week. The dishwasher did finally croak and I’m thinking I might need to make some watermelon martinis for the next installer since that seems to bring out the truth in people. And so ends my tale of broken down dishwashers and martinis.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Love for Texas

My heart goes out to the people and the animals of Texas following Hurricane Harvey and the torrential rains. Rescue teams for people and animals, FEMA, the National Guard, volunteers, and many ministries are there and on the way. I pray for everyone's safety and wish them hope and recovery in the months ahead.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Post Solar Eclipse Blues

I have post Solar Eclipse blues. It's sort of like the day after Christmas when all there is left is a trash bin full of torn up Christmas paper and a fridge full of leftovers. Ironically, I was at the eye doctor's during the eclipse so I missed the peak of the exhibition. Can I call a natural phenomena an exhibition?
I haven't read the news in over 2 weeks and though I feel compelled to do it, I know it will only bring me down more. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the news good, or at least something like "There are no wars or problems to report today"? I'm going to live in my imaginary world a little longer I think.
I've been busy though. I've been working on my last Wilding story featuring Kyle Red Sky as the hero. I'm working up some ideas for historical western romances for the imaginary town of Hazard, Wyoming and building the town from the beginning. Maybe someday I'll write about the Wildings in modern times, just not right now.
Oh. And a note to my publisher at Prairie Rose Publications: I am also working on those edits for Legends of Winatuke , my paranormal trilogy. I also look forward to the eventual release of IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE and my contribution to the Christmas anthology this year, A TEXAS CHRISTMAS with A Christmas Visitor.
I hope no one burned out their retinas looking at the solar eclipse. The PRP Solar Eclipse party was successful I think. I hope for those of you who got my free books during the PRP Eclipse party that you are enjoying them.
Now y'all go on out and have a delightful day. I'm going to work on getting my positive attitude and happy place back and do the same.
Oh, one more thing. My nephew bought the solar eclipse stamps and I now have an entire sheet of my own. They are unique in that you can place your figure on the complete eclipse and it becomes the moon. Pretty dang cool.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Joy of Eating Fruits and Vegetables In Season

There's a lot to be said about fresh fruits and vegetables in season--the kind that actually ripened locally and are not shipped from somewhere else where the climate is different. Canned fruits and vegetables are okay, especially if they're canned at home. Does anybody can fruits and vegetables from the garden any more? I hope so.

People really got into freezing things back in the 60's, and frozen things are good, especially casseroles, because summertime is too hot to be s...tuck in the kitchen cooking.. But nothing beats fresh, in season fruits and vegetables.

I bought some locally grown peaches at the supermarket on Wednesday. I ate one of them for dessert after lunch today and thought I had gone to heaven. That sweet, juicy goodness is so wonderful. Nothing compares to it. Yumsville! And of course, no summer treat can be better than watermelon. I'm certain watermelon can be frozen, at least I guess it cab.. I don't know about canning it. I've never heard of anyone doing that. Have you?

Do any of you can or freeze things from the garden or the orchard? Do you raise your own fruits and vegetables? What is your favorite thing to eat when it's in season?