Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day: Should We Celebrate In Joy Or Sorrow? #FantasyAndDreamsBlog

In Memorial of All Who Sacrificed For Our Freedom

It feels a little odd to celebrate with cookouts and fun activities a day put aside to honor those who gave their lives to keep us free. Shouldn’t we act more somber in respect for the sorrow of their families and the loss of those precious spirits from this Earth?

Remembering Military Animals Who Died In Service

And Honoring the Men And Women Who Gave All

I think many Americans do show their respect and gratitude for the fallen even days before Memorial Day by placing flags on the graves of those who served in the military, especially in Arlington Cemetery. 
The Vietnam Memorial Wall

Many people visit the Vietnam Wall where the names of the fallen are etched to be remembered for all time. In Pearl Harbor where so many died in a surprise attack from Japan that brought the United States into World War II, many people visit the USS Arizona Memorial which rests above the war ship Arizona where the crew was trapped and died during the attack.

The Words Engraved on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

There is a ceremony every Memorial Day in which the president of the United States lays a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In the Words of Presidents Kennedy and Reagan

Is it frivolous and disrespectful for us to celebrate the sacrifice of so many brave soldiers with laughter and fun activities? I feel it is part of the way in which we honor and show our gratitude because, we are free. Because we are not suppressed or denied freedom we can pursue those things that make us happy. These words are in the preamble of our Declaration of Independence and, thanks to the bravery of those who served and sacrificed, we still have the freedom to pursue our happiness.
Later today my family is having a cookout (it’s also a birthday party for my great-niece, Madeline) and we’re gonna get some happiness under way. But this morning I am quietly showing my respect and gratitude by writing a prayer and lighting a candle. I wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day.

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