Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Violin (revised edition) received a 5 Star Review

Manic Readers reviewer, Alberta, gave the revised edition of  The Violin a 5 star review.  Thank you so much, Alberta, for making my day.
Here is the complete review:
Full Review from Manic readers:

Release Date: 12/04/11

Genre: Historical Romance

Pages: 215

Publisher: Rebecca J. Vickery

I love time travel romances, and I loved this one. Genevieve is a product of the foster child system, a repressed, self-conscious, shy, unloved and unlovable teacher with dreams of an unknown man that recur nightly.

When she sees an auction for an old violin, she feels compelled to buy it, behaving totally out of character for her staid self. Inside she finds information about the owner who drowned in 1927. She embarks on a journey to find out more about the man, his family and the violin. She manages to go back in time to 1927, meets and falls in love with John, the owner of the violin.

She is welcomed by family and friends but she knows she must try and save John’s life, before returning to her own time. Their love is doomed to separation by years or death or both.

The Violin is intricately written, and the difference in personality between Genevieve in the present day to Genevieve in 1927 is clearly defined and startling. The whole town seems to know something that she doesn’t, but when she finds out what that is, she can’t or won’t believe it could possibly be true. I loved the characters, both main and secondary, and the conflicts are satisfactorily resolved. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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