Thursday, January 22, 2009

Romance Is Not For Wimps!

Romance Is Not For Wimps

Often times people will ask me what I write when they first learn that I am a published writer. My gut reaction is a sudden desire to lie and explain in lofty terms that I write alternative fiction. I want to throw out a lot of baloney about time travel, science fiction, adventure, Western or even experimental dabbling into creative fiction. I could duck the entire issue and act like I just saw someone I know across the room and I must be off to greet them. The last thing I want to tell them is that I’m a romance writer.

I know. I know. I’m a coward. But the minute I tell an enthusiastic person that I’m a romance writer, I have to endure their deflated interest and sudden monotone voice depicting low esteem when they respond with, “Oh. That’s nice.” What the heck? It’s as if my IQ just dropped and my efforts to get that POV right and the hours I agonized working the plot into an exciting revelation meant absolutely nothing—because I write romance.

Some people just don’t get it. Writing about the most tender feelings two people can have for one another and making them find ways to overcome impossible obstacles to have that one person their heart yearns for is an amazing amount of work to get it right and make it lift the heart. Is it nobler to write dark tombs with sad endings than those filled with hope and ending in happiness? Apparently. Is it easier somehow to forge a romance than a murder? In the minds of many, yes.

Well, for myself, I delight in reading romance and I have no desire to write anything else. I enjoy happy endings and stories that make me believe in the impossible. My life is filled with the harsh edges of reality and the sting and bite of everyday existence. When I settle down into bed at night, I like to close my day within the pages of a wonderful romance that allows me to believe that the world really can be a better place.
Now for a little update:
My Golden Retriever, Kate, is still hanging in there. I am amazed, as is the veterinarian, that Kate has managed to make it this far with a diagnosis of bone cancer made on Halloween night. She is getting pain meds that seem to work for the most part and she is getting whatever she wants to eat. Naturally she prefers meat products, eggs, puppy food and peanut butter sandwiches or whatever I'm having except for vegetables (not to her liking). She goes in and out of the house using a special ramp I got her to accommodate her three legged way of being. She's like a moving tripod now refusing to use her left hind leg at all.
Thank God for friends. My good friend, Maureen Tohill, comes to spend hours of time with Kate while I'm at work in the ER 12 hours every Saturday and Sunday. She feeds Kate home made goodies and gives her healing touch treatments along with her wonderful company.
The veterinarian told me last week to prepare myself for the inevitable end and, believe me, I really am trying. For the most part, I deal with things on a one day at a time basis attempting to keep in memory every day I get with Kate. Only once in a while it occurs to me that I am going to lose her and nothing, absolutely nothing I do can keep Kate from dying. In those dark moments I just have to believe that Kate will join my dad in the here-after and that Pop will take good care of her there until I can join them.
Any way, I just wanted to let you know what is going on with my wonderful dog,Kate.
As for my two kitties, Liberty and Acorn, they are doing just fine and happy as little larks.
Until next time, here's sending good thoughts to your corner of the universe.