Saturday, March 18, 2017

In Remembrance of My Father

Pop in his kilt on our birthday in 1976

Pop and I share a birthday. Although he's been gone from this Earth since 1981, I remember him and honor his birthday by playing bagpipe music. This picture was taken on our birthday. He had given the weather forecast on WSOC TV wearing his kilt to please me. He was very proud of his Scottish and Irish heritage, and he made me proud of it as well.
Pop was my constant, my mentor, adviser, and my friend. We shared some mighty good times that I will remember all my life. He was funny, a little eccentric, and a devoted husband to my mother. 
I miss Pop and think of him so often, but I especially miss him on our birthday. So, once again, in honor of my father, I play the bagpipe music we both so loved, light a candle and some incense, and write him a little note to celebrate our birthday and all the wonderful memories he gave me.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

To all my Irish friends and to those who are only Irish for today--Have a happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Go Green!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March Madness

    I didn't believe it would happen--but it snowed! Because of the weird warm weather we've had, the azaleas bloomed early. Now the even weirder snow has come and covered the azaleas and the wisteria that also bloomed too soon and has frozen once already..
    In my childhood I do remember a March in which it snowed once a week for 3 weeks--and it didn't melt right away.
    This snow is supposed to melt by this afternoon.
    Anyone else having some off-season weather going on?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I spend a great deal of time worrying about and planning out my 3 monthly blogs at Once Upon A Word, Prairie Rose, and Sweethearts of the West, and yet I am beginning to believe blogs just aren't as popular as they once were. I'm not certain what IS the popular thing now. As much as I try to get to everyone's posts, I just don't see that many comments anymore.
Blogs have been an important part of sharing both information about ourselves, our writing, and things of interest related to what we write about, but I'm wondering now if others are interested in these articles. I have to say, I really respect the authors that put so much work and thought into their blogs. It's so amazing to read them. I find I learn something new almost every time.
What do y'all think? Are blogs still relevant? Has something new come along we should know about we should be doing?

Saturday, March 04, 2017



I'm a March baby and so was my dad. In fact we celebrated the same birthday. I miss sharing our birthday since he's been gone, but I remember him in my own special way every year.
Are you a March baby, too?

I am an introvert, so I do not love attention. I prefer to hang out in the shadows and observe others.  I have always heard that Pisces and Virgo were the perfect match. I'm not certain what an "attractive personality" is. Other than these few differences, these statements are true for me. What about you?