Friday, December 14, 2018

WHEN LOVES COMES KNOCKING December #BlogABookScene #PrairieRosePub #WildingsSeries

By Sarah J. McNeal
Prairie Rose Publications

#blogabookscene  December's Theme: Season's Greetings

January"s Theme: Baby, It's Cold Outside


She reached out her hand to him. “Thank you for everything you did today. It means a lot to me. I always enjoy your company.” She wanted to say more—so much more, but she had no sense of how he would react.

When he clasped her hand in his, her heart stuttered in her chest. Does he have any idea how much I care for him? “Any company is good in a storm.” 

She hated to think what he meant by that. His eyes turned dark, like black coffee, and he didn’t smile. “Your company is exceptional to my way of thinking.” What more could she say? She certainly wasn’t going to open up like a tin can and spill out all her feelings to him. If he didn’t feel the same, she would be humiliated and she didn’t want to ruin their friendship.

He still held her hand when he dipped his head toward her. For one brief moment, she thought he might even kiss her. Oh goodness, if only he would. If only
But he didn’t. She saw a light ignite in his eyes as he stared at her mouth, and then he backed away. “Thank you for the supper. You cook a fine meal. Well, goodnight, Penelope.”
“Goodnight, Gil.” She wasn’t sure he even heard her. He shut the door as she spoke. Something’s not right.

Diverse stories filled with heart

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