Friday, December 14, 2018

Prairie Rose Publications Christmas Sale December 14-16 99 Cents and FREE Books

HO HO HO!!! Prairie Rose Publications and Imprints has got the king of all Christmas gifts for YOU! Give everyone on your Christmas list (including yourself!) something wonderful to read--and at unbelievable prices! Join us for our VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS SALE today, Saturday, and Sunday--where many select books in our various imprints are on sale for .99 or FREE! Stop by the PRP blog for a wonderful world of reading selections at a steal of a deal! .99 and FREE? You need to stock up! Historical and contemporary romance, sci-fi, YA, contemporary and historical mysteries, and westerns...BOXED SETS, novellas and novels...COME ON OVER AND TAKE A LOOK!

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Christmas is headed our way at break-neck speed and Prairie Rose…



HARMONICA JOE’S RELUCTANT BRIDE (time travel western novel)

This book is where the Wildings series begins with Joe and Lola in the fictional town of Hazard, Wyoming 1910

A haunted house, a trunk and a date with destiny.

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             She heard bursts of laughter and the clank of glasses bumping together as she tried to open her eyes.  Someone played a piano in discord and feet stomped in time to the music.  The smell of stale beer, old wood and body odor assailed her senses.  Lightheaded and disoriented, it took a moment before her blurred vision focused.  She straightened from her crouched position and stood on a wooden plank floor covered in sawdust, peanut shells and bits of refuse.  The card that had dropped from her grasp lay on the floor at her feet.  She reached down and clutched it in her hand as she heard a man speak in a ceremonious voice. “I now pronounce you man and wife.  Harmonica Joe, you may kiss your bride.”  Laughter resonated and cheers went up around the room.


      Lola clasped the card tight in her fist and glanced up just in time to see an angular face with mesmerizing coffee brown eyes framed in sandy hair move toward her.  A day’s growth of beard graced his jaw but it only enhanced his handsome features.  She backed away a step only to have someone push her forward.  She collided with the solid body of this imposing stranger.  The stranger’s arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her close as his head dipped down, his mouth capturing hers.  The bristles of his chin scraped her tender flesh that caused a thrill to scamper down her spine. 

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