Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Losing My Mother

Me and Mom

43 years ago on the day after Thanksgiving, November 29, 1974, my mother died. I was 27. It was a long time ago. Some might think the painful loss of a mother would soften with time…but it doesn’t. The time between feeling the sharp edge of that loss becomes longer, but when I feel it, it seems I lost her only yesterday. It is as intense as it was that night when I stood at her bed and watched her take her last breath in on Earth and knew she inhaled her next breath in Heaven.
Mom made Thanksgiving and Christmas special. She loved to cook up those holiday feasts and looked forward to watching us open our presents. Even after we were all grown and flung far away, she loved when those of us who could, came home to spend the holidays. I remember she was particularly fond of peppermints and hard ribbon candy (don’t know who among you remember that ribbon candy).
This year I miss her with that deep feeling of loss which I think many of you who’ve lost your mothers have felt. So, I wanted to help myself get through it by paying this tribute to her and sharing it with you. She meant the world to me.

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