Friday, December 01, 2017

Welcome to December!

This month has always been one of excitement, stress, and mystery for me. So many happy memories are centered around the Christmas season.

It rarely snows here in the southern part of North Carolina and extremely rare for it to snow on Christmas. But when it does happen, it’s positively magical. I feel like I could make a wish when that happens and it would have to come true.

Of course, for many of us there is some sadness felt especially during this winter season. There are people we love so dearly that won’t be with us. Some are celebrating Christmas in Heaven, some will be too far away to come home to us, and some will be serving their country in foreign places. We’ll think of them and hold them in our hearts and our prayers.

One very nice thing about online shopping for presents is that it’s easy, convenient, and no worries about fighting for a parking place. Conversely, there is a certain excitement about shopping in physical stores during Christmas. We will miss out on those special decorations, the music, the smell of real Christmas trees, kids lined up to tell Santa what they want and the exciting energy of the shoppers around us.

So let’s see where this December takes us.

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