Monday, November 06, 2017

Building An Author Brand: Creating A Slogan

In the beginning of my career I only wrote paranormal and fantasy romance. Coming up with a slogan that defined my brand was simple. It read, “Romance out of this world.” My signature was Sarah J. McNeal, Paranormal and Fantasy Author.

Well, over the years, things have changed. I have written contemporary romance, straight up with no chaser, and in recent years I have devoted my writing to western romance, both historical and contemporary.

So coming up with a short slogan that defines my brand is more complicated now. After Deborah MacGillivray’s article last week, I got in touch with Donna Gilanti, a best-selling author and speaker who has a website and free downloads of information about building platforms for writers.

She talked to me about writing a slogan to define my brand and suggested I tie together my multiple genres into one brand with something like, “Author of romance across the ages” or maybe “Romance across time and space.”

I’ve only come up with one lame slogan: “Romance bridging time and place.” As you can see, there is nothing that indicates my western romances. So I need some help.

I would love it if my writer friends would tell me their genres and their slogans so I can get a clue about what I should create for my own brand. I should would appreciate you help.

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