Tuesday, August 07, 2012

You're Invited to 2 places on August 18 & 19

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I'm going to have a busy weekend August 18-19. I have 2 blogs coming up on that Saturday and Sunday.
I am honored to post my first post on the prestigious, Sweethearts of the West blog. This blog is all about the west and the authors who post monthly, are western writers both contemporary and historic. All of my posts will be on the 18th and 19th of every month.
This month will be an introduction about me and my work. After this, I plan to write some articles about the historic west, some funny, some informative and some just weird. So, I hope you'll join me there once a month starting August 18 & 19.
SWEETHEARTS OF THE WEST:  http://sweetheartsofthewest.blogspot.com/
I am also going to be on the Fifty Authors From Fifty States blog talking about my home, North Carolina on August 18. I have included tags to check out some of my favorite places to visit in North Carolina and I'll tell you a bit about them. I hope you'll come and see what I have to say about the state I love in which I love to live.
You know I want you there so I hope you'll make me happy and come on over and comments are welcome.
FIFTY AUTHORS FROM FIFTY STATES:   http://annettesnyder.blogspot.com/

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