Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Light of Valmora: Page 77, 7 Sentences after line 7

Here is my answer to the Facebook challenge via tag to post page 77, the last 7 sentences from my WIP.  I have submitted The Light of Valmora but my next WIP is only at page 11 so here goes:
Page 77 from The Light of Valmora, 7 sentences after 7 lines down:

Falcon saw the confusion in her eyes as if she realized to her horror that she just kissed the wrong brother.

The violin stopped playing. A unified gasp escaped the crowd and filled the air followed by expectant silence. A menacing hand pulled at Falcon’s arm and forced him to release Izabelle. Falcon turned to confront the intruder and glared into Peregrine’s enraged aqua eyes.

Izabelle stepped back and pressed the back of her hand against her mouth. Falcon couldn’t miss the shock on her face as he turned to confront his brother.

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