Friday, January 14, 2022

HERE IT COMES: WINTER STORM by Sarah J. McNeal #TheWildingsSeries


 Some of you may already be experiencing the Big Winter Storm that’s laying down heaps of snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain across most of the United States. I feel for the Canadians who are accustomed to this kind of winter weather.

As the temperatures take a deep dive and create a strong cold front that will collide with the moisture laden air from the south we are about to find ourselves in nature’s powerful grip. Those of us who have received the warning that it’s coming, at least have time to prepare. (Thank you to NOAA and the assiduous meteorologists for their calculated and scientific work to give us that warning.)

I guess preparation may be different depending on what part of the continent you reside. Here in North Carolina where snow is not seen as often as other parts of the country, the first thing southerners do is run to the grocery stores to stock upon supplies. Bread and milk are famously the 2 main items on that list. Personally, because of the frequency of power outages, I wonder why canned meals like beef stew and spaghetti that, if need be, you can eat right from the can aren’t the main items, or crackers and peanut butter, but that’s just me.

To assure that I’ll have heat in the event that I DO have a power outage, I want to make sure the gas logs in my fireplace are functioning well. Having the luck that I sometimes do, my gas logs are acting up. The pilot light is good and strong, but when I turn on the gas for the logs the wonderful warm flames only last about 10 minutes and the dang thing turns itself off. Grrr! Yesterday I took the ceramic log off, cleaned off the grill and fired it up. It took only seconds before the dang thing turned itself off again. So today I’m going to clean the whole business up and follow that up with some intense vacuuming. I’ll relight the pilot light and say a prayer. I would call my heating and air conditioning guy to look at it, but he’s probably swamped already and there’s not enough time left before the storm hits.

We are predicted to have snow in the beginning, but then it’s going to turn into freezing rain. It’s freezing rain that is the worst. Not only is it the hardest to drive on, (Thank goodness I don’t have to drive to work in it any more) but it’s the very thing that will take out power lines and bring down trees. The expectation is that we WILL have power outages and they are already assembling emergency teams from states like Florida to help us resolve those problems.

Stay safe and warm, my friends. And don’t forget to look out for the birds, too.

Are you in an area that has been, or will be hit by this winter storm? What do you do to prepare for it?




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