Tuesday, November 26, 2019



I saw on the weather news that a huge winter storm has come to the north Midwest with inches to feet of snow. It’s headed to the northeast as well. Of course, it couldn’t happen at a worse time as travelers are headed to their families and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. I can just imagine the airports filled with travelers who may end up stuck in the air terminals for the holiday. My sympathies go out to y’all while you did your way out of the mess. I hope you will all stay safe out there.

There are some stalwart souls who take harsh winter storms with a light heart and make the most of a tough situation. They go out and play in the snow. Bbrrrr, the very thought of it makes me shiver. I thought I would cheer up my friends out there who have to deal with winter’s wrath by posting some amusing ans amazing snow art. So here goes…

The Peeping Snowman

Fish Snow Sculpture

Creepy Snowman

Here is a winter story from my Wildings series.

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Once he took a sip or two of the coffee she poured for him, Banjo studied her for a moment. “You’ve got dark circles under your eyes like you haven’t slept and you’re running around like a maniac. What’s troubling you? Wait. Let me guess. You thinking about Gil Thoroughgood by some chance?”
“Are you mocking me?”

“Certainly not. The two of you are about to make me crazy. Gil came to see me the other night after he left your place—the night we put up the clothesline and the Christmas tree. He wanted to know my intentions.” Banjo grinned. “Maybe I ought to marry you, but he’d kill me for sure then.”

“Stop kidding around, Banjo. He suspects something is between you and me and he probably hates me.” She buried her face in her hands. “I don’t know what to do. I haven’t seen him since that night.”

“Penelope, darlin’, it’s not like you to sit back and do nothing. Where’s the woman I know you to be? What do you want from Gil? What does he mean to you? What do you really want?”

Have Fun, but stay safe and warm, y'all.

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