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MOM: Hilda Charlene McNeal

While Pop was the master of gardening, nature, science, and bird watching, Mom’s super power was celebrating holidays. She had an innate gift for making them joyous occasions no matter what. Easter was one of those special happy times she created.


It all started with the dying of Easter eggs. It was quite a production. While the eggs were boiling we gathered the magical kit of dye tabs, metal look, paper stickers with pictured of bunnies and chicks, and that wondrous was crayon we could use to write our names and greetings. There were usually 6-8 color tabs in the packet, so we got the same number of old cups we would use to dissolve each tab using water and vinegar. We dipped the eggs into the dye using the metal loop and placed it on a rack until it dried. When we finished we had quite a pile of colorful and decorated eggs. Of course we sampled some along the way.


Mom made her own chocolate covered eggs. The filling was made using cream cheese, powdered sugar and something to flavor it. Our two favorite fillings were peanut butter and cherry. Ohmagosh, those chocolate covered sweets were so yummy good.


Even after my sister and I were grown, Mom still had those Easter baskets waiting for us on the dining room table every Easter. She crammed it full of jelly beans, marshmallow peeps, some kind of funky hard marshmallow eggs with a colored sugar coating, and of course, that great big chocolate rabbit. There would be fuzzy chicks and other toys in there when we were younger. I still have my basket and some of the toys that she put in it. The chicks with cowboy hats and bonnets are a bit faded now, but most of them are still there. I use it as a center piece for my dining table these days, but with it also comes the memories of Mom and how she made Easter a wonderful happy time.

Sarah J. McNeal

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