Friday, March 05, 2021




I was really nervous yesterday when I was on my way to a new facility to get my first Covid shot. The appointment was easy for me to get since I get updates through My Chart. I worried there would be long lines inside the building and I felt nervous with the possibility that I might be one of those people who have had extreme reactions to the shot.


I was so surprised to see how efficiently things were planned to move quickly along. As a trickle of people were going into the building, a similar trickle was leaving through another door. Someone was there to greet each of us as we entered and areas were clearly marked to keep social distancing. Of course everyone wore masks.


I was quickly shown to the room where the Pfizer vaccines were administered and my nephew was allowed to stay with me through the whole process. The nurse explained everything about the shot, what to expect, and what the potential side effects might me. I barely felt the shot when she gave it. I got a card to keep with me that attests to the fact that I have been vaccinated and the nurse included on the card when my second shot is scheduled. I certainly won’t miss that second shot.


Upon leaving, the nurse gave me a written document about the Pfizer vaccine, what the side effects might be and what to do for each of them. I also received a button attesting to the fact that I have received the vaccine which I thought was nice, sorta like the sticker we get when we vote.


It’s been almost 24 hours since I got my vaccine and, so far, I have no side effects what-so-ever except a little soreness in the arm at the injection site.  I feel good about getting the vaccine and knowing that I am now playing a part in ending this deadly pandemic and protecting my loved ones and the community in which I live.


Sarah J. McNeal

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