Monday, October 19, 2020

PETS ARE ANTIDEPRESSANTS By Sarah McNeal, #TheWildingsSeries


With so many people isolating at home and maintaining social distancing, they have turned to pets for companionship and comfort. I don’t know many people who don’t have a pet; they are a rarity in my circles. A pet will not allow you to be lonely. They are like little circus acts filled with joy that nurture our spirits and make us laugh. They are our furry buddies we can hang out with all day who rarely complain. (Cats might be an exception since it must be in their job description to display distain, but even their persnickety and grumpy opinions amuse us.)


We already know that some dogs have been specially trained to help people with physical or emotions issues. But even untrained dogs can bring us the comfort and love we all need. Children who may not have friends ordinarily have taken their pet as a friend, confidant, and companion. I imagine it is particularly difficult for kids in this pandemic who don’t even have the friendships from their classmates. Having been raised in a family where pets were always welcome, I know how important it is for a kid to have a dog or a cat. I’m certain there are those who prefer fish, or birds, or gerbils (or whatever) as their tiny companions, but the result is the same—unconditional love.


Shelter animals are finding homes in unprecedented numbers these days. That’s a really good thing in my book. Every shelter pet deserves a loving home and this is a time when they are most needed. My greatest hope is that, when the pandemic is over, that these pets will remain in those homes. They’ve done an outstanding job of keeping us happy and somewhat sane; it would be a betrayal to return them to a shelter. My wish is for people to discover the joy of having a pet and what a difference it makes to have a fur buddy who will stay at our side through thick and thin. Pets are our heroes and better antidepressants than any pill could ever provide.  

Sarah J. McNeal

Author of Heartwarming Stories




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