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CURSED, Legends of Winatuke, book 2

CURSED, Legends of Winatuke, book 2
(Formerly The Lake of Sorrows)
By Sarah J. McNeal
Fire Star Press
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The Legend continues with A Curse…A Quest…and Undying Love.

Hawk McKnight is a troubled man with a secret life. Emma Dawson is a burned out doctor weighed down by emotional baggage. Can Hawk and Emma put aside their past romantic disaster long enough to save Hawk’s brother, Peregrine, from a deadly curse? Is there a chance Hawk and Emma can find happiness again, or will the curse consume Peregrine and replace any joy between Hawk and Emma with regret and heartache under its evil enchantment?
He downed another shot of Chegari whiskey as he remembered that terrible day when the demon, Inx, threw his brother into the Lake of Sorrows. It was certain death to even drink the water from the lake. It was said a man could lose his mind just by staring into the lake’s depths. Try though he did to reach into the lake to retrieve Peregrine, he couldn’t save him. The Nivasi creatures who occupied the lake’s murky depths, stole memories and created mind torture so terrible it was said the victims would pray for death to come quickly. Hawk shivered at the thought that Peregrine might have suffered in such a way before he died. No amount of alcohol could drive away the bitter loss of his brother or the terrible guilt that weighed on his heart for not being able to liberate him.
A messenger drew Hawk from his morose thoughts.  
"My liege, I do not wish to disturb you, but Domingomae has delivered a message for you from Prince Raphael." Mericet entered the tent with a sealed parchment in his hand.
Hawk took the message and noticed that the boy's hair was wet and his clothes damp. "Water's scarce out here, Mericet. Mind you don't waste it by bathing in the middle of the day."
"Yes, my liege." Mericet nodded his head obediently and waited respectfully by the opening of the tent for further instructions.
Pulling the dagger from his wide leather belt, Hawk cut the seal from the parchment and began to read. The first words grabbed his attention immediately. "My God," he gasped aloud, "Peregrine is alive." He glanced at Mericet. "My brother is alive."
Mericet nodded. "That is good, my liege. I am glad for you."
Hawk leaped from his chair and paced as he continued to read aloud. Your brother is living among the Gypsies, playing his violin, and performing his water show twice a day. But he is altered, Hawk. You must come to Vel’ka Mulano with all due haste.
He stopped pacing. "Altered? What could he mean?"

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