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WHEN LOVE COMES KNOCKING/ January #blogabookscene #westernromance #PrairieRosePub @PrairieRosePub

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With record cold temperatures right now, this is the perfect theme for this January day.  
January’s theme is Baby, It’s cold outside.  The cold wintry excerpt below is from my western romance novel, When Love Comes Knocking

A lonely widow…an indiscretion…a gift for redemption


It was a relief to get inside the warm house. Gil set the basket by the door and helped Penelope remove her coat. The coat was one of Evan’s old ones. She must have tailored it to fit her. Why didn’t she have a coat? The sorry answer came to him quickly enough; Evan spent the money on gambling. He hung his coat on the wooden peg by the door and stared at the two coats hanging there together, and for a moment, got lost in a daydream. If only her coat was always next to mine. He shook the thought quickly from his mind.
“I brought some wood with me, but I’ll chop more for you when we finish this pie and coffee. I see you’re running low.” He took a chair at the old table that wobbled and gazed out the window at the gathering storm. “Looks like more bad weather coming in.”
Penelope poured him a cup of coffee and added a generous slice of pie onto a chipped pink plate. “I appreciate all the help you’ve been. I wish I could do more for you than mend and wash your clothes.” She sat opposite from him and sipped on her coffee.
“No need for that. You do enough—more than enough. I don’t like to see you out in this weather hanging up clothes. You risk frostbite and the clothes freeze on the line.” He grinned as he prepared to tell her his plan.

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February – THEME: All You Need is Love

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