Friday, October 13, 2017

An Unusual House Guest

Big surprise! I woke up Wednesday morning to find a baby frog hopping across my bedroom floor. Even though he tried to disguise himself as a tiny dust ball, I realized it was a living creature when the dust bunny actually hopped. It took a second hop to penetrate my foggy brain. It was then that I noticed its eyes and it blinked. The dust ball masquerade was over.

A moment of panic rushed in. I certainly wasn’t going to harm the little guy. That just wouldn’t be my style. It’s not like the little thing was coming to kill me or something. It was just lost and confused most likely. I dug into the bathroom cabinet and found an old baby wipes box and a little dust pan and brush I keep in there. I nudged the little froggy into the box, took it outside to the deck, and released it into the wilds of the potted mint. Little froggy now had everything it needed—plenty of places to get shelter, water from one of the bird baths, and, with some gratitude on my part, plenty of mosquitoes to eat. We are both happy now.

I had another baby frog some years back who lived in the metal whirligig on the deck. Thank goodness the whirligig was no longer functional or it could have been a hazard instead of a hideaway. That frog grew up and moved on. Maybe this new baby frog is one of its offspring.

The frog is sitting on top of the cloud between the 2 airplanes

Apparently my house has become a frog has become a froggy sanctuary. I have no idea where these frogs come from. As far as I know there is no creek or pond anywhere around. The only thing that disturbs me is this recent frog—how did it get into my bedroom? I may never know. I just hope no snakes find a way in. I would freak out for certain. My sister did have a problem with little garter snakes in her house when she lived in Raleigh. When I had a doggie door, the cat would bring in things like birds, moles, and one time, a little garter snake and she would release them and chase them around in the house. Needless to say, I shut down that doggie door and Liberty hasn’t been allowed outside in the years since then.

Have any of you had wildlife loose in your house? What about snakes?

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