Friday, August 25, 2017

Post Solar Eclipse Blues

I have post Solar Eclipse blues. It's sort of like the day after Christmas when all there is left is a trash bin full of torn up Christmas paper and a fridge full of leftovers. Ironically, I was at the eye doctor's during the eclipse so I missed the peak of the exhibition. Can I call a natural phenomena an exhibition?
I haven't read the news in over 2 weeks and though I feel compelled to do it, I know it will only bring me down more. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the news good, or at least something like "There are no wars or problems to report today"? I'm going to live in my imaginary world a little longer I think.
I've been busy though. I've been working on my last Wilding story featuring Kyle Red Sky as the hero. I'm working up some ideas for historical western romances for the imaginary town of Hazard, Wyoming and building the town from the beginning. Maybe someday I'll write about the Wildings in modern times, just not right now.
Oh. And a note to my publisher at Prairie Rose Publications: I am also working on those edits for Legends of Winatuke , my paranormal trilogy. I also look forward to the eventual release of IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE and my contribution to the Christmas anthology this year, A TEXAS CHRISTMAS with A Christmas Visitor.
I hope no one burned out their retinas looking at the solar eclipse. The PRP Solar Eclipse party was successful I think. I hope for those of you who got my free books during the PRP Eclipse party that you are enjoying them.
Now y'all go on out and have a delightful day. I'm going to work on getting my positive attitude and happy place back and do the same.
Oh, one more thing. My nephew bought the solar eclipse stamps and I now have an entire sheet of my own. They are unique in that you can place your figure on the complete eclipse and it becomes the moon. Pretty dang cool.

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