Saturday, March 18, 2017

In Remembrance of My Father

Pop in his kilt on our birthday in 1976

Pop and I share a birthday. Although he's been gone from this Earth since 1981, I remember him and honor his birthday by playing bagpipe music. This picture was taken on our birthday. He had given the weather forecast on WSOC TV wearing his kilt to please me. He was very proud of his Scottish and Irish heritage, and he made me proud of it as well.
Pop was my constant, my mentor, adviser, and my friend. We shared some mighty good times that I will remember all my life. He was funny, a little eccentric, and a devoted husband to my mother. 
I miss Pop and think of him so often, but I especially miss him on our birthday. So, once again, in honor of my father, I play the bagpipe music we both so loved, light a candle and some incense, and write him a little note to celebrate our birthday and all the wonderful memories he gave me.


Cheryl Pierson said...

Sarah, that is so sweet--and I could just tell how much you miss him, even now. Love that picture of him. My dad was very proud of his Scottish heritage, and my mom was Irish (there was some English there, too, in both of their backgrounds, but they didn't mention it so much...LOL)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday today and enjoy the good memories you have! I always thought that would be so cool to share a birthday with someone, but the closest I have in my family was my granddad's (Dad's dad) on July 23 and my niece, Aug. 1. Mine is July 28. Anyhow, eat a big ol' piece of cake for me, and I'm sending you a virtual birthday HUG! XOXO

Unknown said...

Sarah--You never cease to surprise me. I suppose I had an inkling of your heritage, but really did not know the extent. I love that photo of your dad...and once again learn you can play the bagpipes. As much as you loved him, it is really special that your share a birthday.
So, Happy Birthday to you and to your handsome dad.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Cheryl, Pop was a unique person with a BIG personality. When he died, he left a big hole in my life that I feel all the more on our birthday. As a kid I resented having to share my birthday, but, as the years went by, Pop and I would collaborate on what we wanted for our special dinner. Our license renewal also came on the same year so we would plan ahead what "costume" we would wear. I was a cowgirl and then an Indian guru for a couple and Pop wore the Eskimo jacket Mom made him for one of his.
I feel so lucky to have had the parents I did. I loved them so much and I miss them every day.
Thank you so much for coming, Cheryl. I don't blog here as much as I should so I didn't expect anyone to show up. But here I see 2 of my favorite people...pretty dang wonderful.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Celia, Pop made me proud of my Celtic heritage. He shared so much of our history with me and I read about it as well. He knew how much I loved music and that's why he gave me his brother's violin. I only wish he could have lived to read the story I wrote about his brother, John. I played John's violin for years and years until last year when I passed it down to my great-niece. Pop wanted me to play the bagpipes. He found a teacher for me and I jumped right in. Bagpipers have their own special community that I found to be a lot of fun. Bagpipes are the hardest instrument I ever learned to play.
I am so happy you came over here and commented, Celia. It really warmed my heart.

E.Ayers said...

That is so sweet! But what makes it so special is that you shared so much with your dad and have such fond memories.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

E., I feel so lucky to have had the parents God assigned to me. Pop wasn't a huggie-feely kind of man, but he showed how much he cared by the things he did for us. He took us on nature walks, showed us the stars, taught us ethics and practical things like how to keep a ledger, write a check, change a tire, and build an organic garden. Mostly, he told me when he thought I was doing the right thing. He was so supportive to me that way. Pop was the person I went to when I needed advice. Mom was the person I went to when I needed a hug. I do miss them terribly.
Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting, E..