Saturday, September 14, 2013

Introducing the Legends of Winatuke trilogy with DARK ISLE for 99 cents

The Legends of Winatuke is my new paranormal trilogy. All three books are full length novels. You can begin the trilogy with DARK ISLE for only 99cents in ebook at all online bookstores.
DARK ISLE, Legends of Winatuke (book 1)
The legend begins when love and evil collide.
The queen of the Dark Isle has taken the Nimway prince, Gabriel, with the magical voice, prisoner and is determined to send him home in pieces. Her daughter, Jade, has only a little time to save him, but even if she does, will he want someone born of evil?
Once told of his brother's captivity, Raphael must go to the modern world to ask for help to rescue his brother. But his true love, a human, has accidentally crossed over into Winatuke. The chances of her survival are slim to none. Can he save them both?
Digital Format only 99 cents!!
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LAKE OF SORROWS, Legends of Winatuke (book 2)
Just released
The Legends continues
A curse, a quest and undying love
Hawk is a troubled man with a secret seeking redemption. Emma is a burned out doctor weighed down by emotional baggage. Can they forget the past long enough to save Hawk's brother from dying under the curse of the Lake of Sorrows? Or will the secrets hidden the Lake of Sorrows swallow them all under its evil curse and destroy any chance for hope and love?
THE LIGHT OF VALMORA, Legends of Winatuke (book 3)
A quest for an enchanted light...a Gypsy’s love...and a warrior’s sacrifice to save Valmora.
To free his father from the witch-queen of the Dark Isle, Falcon must find the legendary Light of Valmora that lies hidden in the darkest place on earth--right under the witch's feet. To complicate things further, he is falling in love with Izabelle, the Gypsy woman who loves his brother, Peregrine.
Izabelle struggles with her feelings for her first love, Peregrine, and her growing affection for his brother, Falcon, but time is running out and the price of Valmora’s salvation may be the sacrifice of its greatest warrior and Izabelle’s last chance for love.
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