Thursday, May 09, 2013


Find out how it all started at the beginning of The Legends of Winatuke series: THE DARK ISLE

Can love abide when evil awakens?

The queen of the Dark Isle has taken the Nimway prince, Gabriel, prisoner and is determined to send him home in pieces. Her daughter has only a little time to save him, but even if she does, will he want someone born of evil?
Once told of his brother's captivity, Raphael must go to the modern world to ask for help to rescue his brother. But his true love, a human, has accidently crossed over into Winatuke. The chances of her survival are slim to none.

The Legend continues with LAKE OF SORROWS coming up next.
A curse, a quest and undying love.

Both books will be available for $.99 even though they are full length novels. Quite a bargain. They will also be offered in paperback, but price is unknown at this time.

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