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Coffeetime Review of Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride

I just received a 4 cup review for Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride from Coffeetime Reviews.


ISBN# 9781461087731

April 15, 2011

Western Trail Blazer



184 pages

Western/Historical/Time Travel

Rating: 4 cups

Lola Barton does not scare easily. She has experienced the bad side of life and come through it just fine. Until she climbs the stairs to the attic of the house she inherited from her mean Aunt Callie and leaves her life in the present day behind.

Harmonica Joe Wilding resides in 1910 Hazard, Wyoming. He is a doctor of sorts who has won his bride in a card game. The Queen of Hearts not only got him his bride, she may have also brought him the love of his life.

Lola finds a trunk in her aunt’s attic and begins to rifle through the contents. She tries on the clothing found there, but the playing card takes her on a journey of a lifetime…straight into a wedding…in 1910 Wyoming. Joe has played the card game of his life in order to rescue a woman who he believes is Callie, a cold-hearted woman who has stolen money from a man who is intent on seeing her pay for the crime. Only certain traits begin to make him see that this is not the Callie he knows. Instead, her niece has fallen through a rip in time and right into his heart.

Can you just imagine leaving your life behind and stepping into the shoes of someone who not only resembles you but is despised by most of the town? Lola’s attitude towards Joe made me laugh out loud several times. She has a twenty-first century attitude in an early twentieth century world. I found her easy to relate to. The writing pulls the reader into the story and keeps them glued to their seats until the very end. And the love scenes are steamy and sensual. Ms. McNeal has certainly impressed me with this wonderful tale. Beware though, the publisher’s site for this book does give the warning that this is for adults only.


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