Sunday, April 05, 2009


I thought you should know that my books from New Concepts Publishing, DARK ISLE and LAKE OF SORROWS, are no longer available. The contracts have run out on them. I'll continue writing The Valmora series but through another publisher some time in the future. THE LIGHT OF VALMORA is in progress as I speak and I have fallen in love with the main character, Falcon.

Here is the blurb:


To free his father from the Queen of the Dark Isle, Falcon must find the legendary Light of Valmora which lies hidden in the darkest place on earth. To complicate things further, he is falling in love with Izabelle, his brother’s woman.

Once rejected by Peregrine, Izabelle wants revenge. But when she tries to use Falcon to initiate her plan, everything gets out of control along with her heart.

In the meantime, I'd like to remind you that the Amira Press Egg Hunt is still in progress. To find out the details just go to and click on the egg icon. If you're looking for the egg icon on my website, here's a little hint: scroll way in down the blog and you might get lucky.

Ta Ta For Now


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