Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grandfather Tree And An Old Friend

Sometimes life just brings sadness with it. Joyce Henderson was a friend and a coworker of mine who died at age 55. She was one of the nurses I've worked with for over twenty years. We worked in Coronary Care together back in the '80's and later we worked together in the ER. She had just retired and was going to go to her 10 acre plot of land in Florida where she was going to build a house and enjoy boating and nature. Her dream never happened.

It made those of us who remain, consider what we are doing with our lives. Are we going to live to see our dreams come true? I've wanted to go to Australia all my life. First one thing and then another got in my way, but come my retirement from nursing in April 2009, it's off to Australia I go. I hope my friends can come along, too. I've met many of the goals I had set for myself but I still have some left. I'm going to work on those starting now.

And now, a word about Grandfather Tree. When I bought my house about 15 years ago, I selected it mostly because of the huge white oak that sat vigilantly over it. There was something about that ancient oak tree that gave me good, positive vibes. A year and a half ago, he was struck by lightning. In an attempt to save him, I had an arborist come and cut away the damaged limbs. Half of Grandfather Tree was cut away. He seemed sad somehow. Spring came and all seemed well with the remaining limbs then the draught took hold. Grandfather Tree was too damaged to survive the onslaught of the draught. As time passed, limb by limb, he began to succumb. Last week the last of his limbs died and with his death, I feel the spirit of my house has gone with him.

I mourn Grandfather Tree and the passing of my friend. I can only hope that all spirits continue some how if only in those that remember them. So that's where I shall keep the spirits of Grandfather Tree and Joyce Henderson, here in my heart.

Farewell old friends.


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