Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting my website. I'm pretty excited. DARK ISLE is due to be released May 5th at New Concepts Publishing, Inc. You can go there by clicking onto "links" and then clicking onto New Concepts.

Get ready to meet the handsome princes of Valmora as they go up against the witch of the Dark Isle. Not only are they brave in battle but they have other "talents" as well. OOuu-la-la!

Take a look around and read the excerpts. Come back and visit again. Until then, here's some sunshine coming to your corner of the universe!


Caffey said...

Hi Sarah!!! I saw your post at NCP and am looking forward to hearing more about your book, when they do the new book releases in May. I've read much at your site and loved it! TOo I saw the second book too will be out in August! how many books you have planned for this series? Too will you have a news letter to I could know about your book releases and news?
Congrats again on your contracts for the books with NCP!

Pam P. said...

Hi Sarah, I came over from NCP too, love the excerpts for this series, on my list to get, too.

Love your blog home page, very pretty and fits a fantasy theme.