Monday, March 14, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

Here it comes, good old Saint Patrick's Day.  I love that this holiday comes the day before my birthday and that I am a Celt.
Supposedly, the Irish are lucky.  I don't know if I believe that so much.  I mean there was that potato famine and then the Irish in America weren't exactly welcomed with open arms. But hey, we adjusted.  You may be thinking that McNeal is not an Irish name and you would be's Scottish, but our clan started in Ireland with Neal of Nine Stones.  Now there's a name for you.  That's stones not stoned, by the way.  He stole his bride from the Scottish Isle of Barra in the Hebrides, Queen Mave, the "fairy queen."  You may have heard of her in Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet.  
But I digress.
I like that Saint Patrick's Day comes before my birthday because it makes me feel just a bit special.  Besides, I can use it to remember  my birthday when my memory starts to fail.  I may not remember my age (on purpose) but I'll remember the date.
Whatever your heritage, I hope that Saint Patrick's Day will make you feel special and that some of that magical Irish luck will be yours.

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