Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Contest at Sweet N Sexy Divas!

Sweet And Sexy Divas Spring Contest




And a $10 gift certificate


1. On the participating author list below, click on the first author's name and go to her website to find this contest icon

(Hints are provided after each author name on where the icon is hidden.)

2. Once you find the icon, click on it (or on the link provided near it) and it will bring you to the next author's blog/website.

3. Go from author website/blog to website/blog to find the hidden icon.

4. Keep a list of the links (pages) you found the icon on.

5. Email list to by April 24 (contest runs from March 24-April 24. Winner announced April 25)

Winner chosen at random from those contestants that have found ALL icons and have emailed Tina Donahue the list.

If you have trouble with any of the links, please email Sarah at:

Good luck!!!

Author List (hints on where to find icon after author name):

Sandy Sullivan:

books page

Aileen Fish -

James Hatch:


home page below pictures

Julia Knight:

Kristal McKerrington:

links then go to blog

Katalina Leon:

Rita Hestand:

home page

Roxy Jacobs -

Diane Wylie:

Cheryl Pierson:

Right sidebar above her facebook badge

Fiona McGier:

Selena Robins: (excerpts page)

Taige Crenshaw:

Juniper Bell:

sidebar of blog

Willa Edwards:

Delaney Diamond:

P.A. Brown:

Victoria Allen:

Andrew Grey:

Renee Vincent:

Myla Jackson:

contests page

Adele Dubois:

bookshelf page

Olivia Waite:

Shelly Munro -

Ari Thatcher -

Mahalia Levey:

Stephanie Julian:

Dawne Prochilo:

left side of page under Facebook connections

Kathy Otten:

Excerpts/lost hearts

Sarah McNeal:

links page

Tina Donahue:

reviews page (Tina's icon WILL BE LINKING TO SANDY SULLIVAN’S SITE WHICH IS THE FIRST IN THE LIST and puts you back at the begining and you're done)

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